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Microsoft And BMW Bring Skype To Cars
Microsoft today announced that it’s expanding its partnership with BMW to bring Skype to the German manufacturer’s cars. Skype for Business will now get a place in BMW’s iDrive system. This functionality will enable BMW owners to attend Skype meetings from inside their cars using the stock infotainment system. BMW is already one of the first car manufacturers to enable Office 365 services in its vehicles.

People Are Not Liking The New Snapchat-esque Skype App
Microsoft announced a major redesign of the Skype app in the first week of June. It seemed like an attempt by the Microsoft-owned company to stay relevant in an era where apps like Snapchat reign supreme. The new Skype app seems to have taken inspiration from Snapchat in more ways than one and it appears that most users are not liking it one bit.

Latest Skype Redesign Brings Many New Features
Microsoft has tried to revamp Skype multiple times ever since it acquired the cross-platform communication service six years ago. It hasn’t always gone off smoothly for the company and now that services like Messenger and WhatsApp are gaining ground, Microsoft is revamping Skype yet again to offer features that align the service with its more contemporary rivals.

Xbox One Universal Skype App Released
A Universal Windows Platform version of the Skype app was released for PC and mobile last year with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. The team today announced that it has now released this version of the Skype app to Xbox One with the Xbox One Creators Update. The team says that it has been working hard to create a TV experience that delivers the best possible Skype communications experience on […]


Skype Real-Time Voice Translation Now Supports Japanese
Skype Translator feature comes in handy if you’re trying to have a conversation with someone who speaks a different language. It supports some of the most widely spoken languages and provides users with real-time voice translation. Microsoft continues to improve this feature by adding more languages to the list. The company has now announced that the Skype real-time translation feature has support for the Japanese language.

Skype Updated With Support For MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar
While the slimmer design, new color options, and obviously upgraded hardware are very much welcome, one of the unique features and possibly the selling point of Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro would be the inclusion of the Touch Bar. For those unfamiliar, this is an OLED strip that replaces the row of function keys and also doubles up as an extension of your keyboard.

Skype Wi-Fi Being Discontinued March 31st
Microsoft has confirmed that it’s going to discontinue the Skype Wi-Fi service next month. This means that it’s going to end the service completely and the apps for iOS and Android will no longer be available for download as well. Those who already have the app installed on their mobile devices won’t be able to continue using the service because Microsoft will simply not let that happen.

Microsoft Launches Skype Lite For India
With places in the world where the internet isn’t as fast or as stable, developers have to start thinking of how to make their apps more accessible. Packing an app full of features is great, but if those features can’t be used due to them being too big or slow, then what’s the point of having them, right?

Skype Beta For iOS And Android Adds ‘Reactions’
If you use Skype on your mobile device, you might be interested to learn that Microsoft has announced that the beta version of the app for iOS and Android will be getting some new features. One of those features is what Microsoft is calling “reactions”, which we guess is similar to the Facebook feature.

Redesigned Skype App Being Developed
Microsoft has been hard at work improving Skype. The cross-platform messaging service is used by tens of millions of people across the globe for keeping in touch with friends and family. The company has done some really good work in making sure that Skype provides a consistent user experience across different platforms. According to a new report, Microsoft is now working on a big update for the existing Skype app […]

Volvo To Start Equipping Some Of Its Cars With Skype
Back in the day, cars would basically get you from point A to point B. These days cars are smarter and they come with all kinds of nifty features, such as being more connected to the internet so that we can get more things done while on the road. In fact Volvo seems to expect that soon you will be able to hold conference calls in your car.

New Skype Android App Supports Phone Calls And SMS
Skype might soon be the app that replaces the stock dialer and text message app on your Android smartphone. A new Skype app for Android referred to as Skype Mingo has been spotted. It appears to be in trial stage right now. Mingo is different from the main Skype app because it also doubles as the native calling and text messaging app for an Android smartphone. The app will continue […]

Skype Bots Will Soon Be Able To Call You
Microsoft started highlighting its work on bots earlier this year. It has been building bots inside Skype to enable new forms of interaction. It has detailed quite a few bots that will soon be available for Skype, including those from companies like Expedia, but that doesn’t mean Microsoft’s bot ambitions have been fulfilled. Microsoft will soon allow partners to create bots “with the general availability of the Skype calling API.”

Skype’s Real-Time Translation Now Works For Mobile & Landlines
One of the cool features that Microsoft brought to Skype is real-time translation. What this means that is that as users chat with each other, Skype can translate the conversation to various languages on the fly and as they happen. This means that there is no need to pause for a translator to translate, or use a different translation program.

Microsoft Now Lets Users Use Skype Without An Account
One of the problems with using online services is that usually you’ll have to sign up for a new account. This is why single sign-on options like using your Facebook or Google credentials can save you a lot of time, but what if you’d rather not link your Facebook or Google accounts with certain apps or services?

Skype Insiders Program Launched To Garner Feedback About New Features
It appears that Microsoft has taken a liking to insiders programs. The company is already running a Windows 10 Insider Program as well as one for the Xbox, and it has now launched the same for Skype. The Skype Insiders Program will enable users on a variety of platforms to take new features developed for the platform and test them before they’re released to everyone. The team will rely on […]

SMS Relay Heading To Skype For Android
Microsoft has revealed that SMS Relay features will soon be added to Skype for Android. It sort of mentioned this in passing in a blog post that was meant to announce that SMS Relay features have been added to the Windows 10 preview app of Skype. The company hasn’t provided a concrete timeline as yet so it’s unclear at this point in time just how long it will take for […]

Skype For iOS Updated, Lets You Send Messages Via Siri
When Apple announced iOS 10, one of the main changes that they instituted was opening Siri up to third-party apps. Prior to that, Siri was pretty much limited in terms of functionality because for the most part, it only worked with Apple’s apps and services. With iOS 10, we started to see more third-party apps, such as WhatsApp, take advantage of that.

Skype Calls Will Now Be Even Better
Skype first talked about plans to modernize its call infrastructure to improve quality a few months ago and has been making improvements to the experience since. It has announced today that some additional changes to the experience will be made over the next few weeks to make calls even better. It has also decided to modernize the way users can leave a voicemail for their Skype contacts.

Microsoft Introduces Single Sign-On Via Skype Option To Its Services
Companies like Google and Facebook usually allow users to use their login credentials to signup or sign into certain services, which honestly cuts down a lot of time when it comes to signing up and filling up forms. Now it looks like Microsoft is going to try it out themselves as they have announced a single sign-on option using Skype.