Microsoft announced a major redesign of the Skype app in the first week of June. It seemed like an attempt by the Microsoft-owned company to stay relevant in an era where apps like Snapchat reign supreme. The new Skype app seems to have taken inspiration from Snapchat in more ways than one and it appears that most users are not liking it one bit.


The user interface has been updated to something that we’ve never seen before in a Skype app. It’s clear that Skype wanted it to come off as trendy or modern but if you check out the app reviews on Google Play and the App Store, they reveal that users aren’t too fond of the changes.

Some new features in the latest redesign of Skype include Highlights which is similar to Snapchat Stories. Users can post multiple videos and photos that their friends can see and react to.

The app’s ranking has declined significantly on the App Store since the update was released. It’s now down to 1 1/2 stars on the App Store. The bad reviews have scathing titles like “it got worse” and “worst update yet.” It’s a similar story over at the Google Play Store where almost all of the app ratings after the update are just 1 or 2-stars.

It appears that this has turned out to be a polarizing update. Those who wanted Skype to redesign itself along these lines will be very happy but those who always liked Skype the way it was find themselves unable to accept the new look.

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