Back in the day, cars would basically get you from point A to point B. These days cars are smarter and they come with all kinds of nifty features, such as being more connected to the internet so that we can get more things done while on the road. In fact Volvo seems to expect that soon you will be able to hold conference calls in your car.

In an announcement by the company, they have revealed that they are expected to start loading Skype on its 90 Series cars, thus giving drivers (or its passengers) a way to stay in touch, like with the office or hold meetings while they are in the car (and hopefully not driving at the same time!).

According to Anders Tylman-Mikiewicz Vice President Consumer Connectivity Services at Volvo Car Group, “We’ve all been there. Sitting in the car trying to join a conference call. You either fumble with or drop your phone while trying to connect or you forget the long pin code to join. It’s not the best way to start an important call in the car. On top of all that your attention is not where it should be – on the road. With the addition of Skype for Business all that goes away.”

Skype’s integration into Volvo’s cars will see it accessed via a large touchscreen display where it will be paired with your smartphone. From there users can check their scheduled meetings as well as access their complete contact list. They’ll also be able to join calls via a shortcut so that they won’t have to bother about entering pin codes.

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