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Apple, Amazon, Google & Zigbee Team Up For An Open Smart Home Standard
 Amazon, Apple, Google, and Zigbee Alliance are teaming up to form a new working group that aims to develop an open standard for smart home devices.The new working group is also referred to as “Project Connected Home over IP“. You can also find a dedicated website for that.Basically, with this new working group, these tech giants are trying to develop a common connectivity standard which can be used for all […]

FBI Warns About The Security Risks Of Smart TVs
It is the shopping season with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals across the Internet for gadgets and online services.You also get a bunch of great deals for smart TVs just in time before Christmas – which should be a good time for purchases.We do not have a problem with that – however, the FBI decided to put a warning on their official website for the consumers to know about […]

Who Needs Google Glass When You Can Have The Sony Smart Wig?
Smart accessories have certainly been on the rise over the past year as products like Google Glass and the Samsung Galaxy Gear seem to be the topic of many discussions on the subject. One “smart” product we never expected was a “smart wig,” although that is exactly what it looks like Sony is considering according to a patent submitted by the company. 

Smart Glasses Use High Contrast Images To Help The Blind See
We’ve seen a number of ways modern technology can help the blind as well as those with limited vision get around a little easier. Just this week, we saw a robotic cane that can help its user make their way past obstacles, but a new pair of smart glasses could actually help that person with limited vision see obstacles for themselves, as well as other things around them.


Smart Herb Garden Grows Herbs, Vegetables Without Sun Or Soil
Being able to grow a garden if you’re a shut-in is pretty much impossible considering how much light plants need on a regular basis. But a new garden called the Smart Herb Garden may allow those of you who completely shun the daylight to finally be able to grow those “herbs” you’ve been dying to have.The Smart Herb Garden uses an LED growing lamp to grow your herbs and a […]

Smart ForStars concept car has built-in projector
Hmmm, drive-in movie theaters are something that we tend to associate with the stuff of our parents or even grandparents, depending on their age group. You know the old saying in the east, “If Ali cannot go to the mountain, then let the mountain come to Ali”. Forget about looking out for a drive-in movie theater as you work to create your very own, assuming this conceptual Smart ForStars which […]

eBall sees cars used as controllers in Pong clone
Trust a creative agency to come up with a truly unique take on the idea of a classic Pong game – BBDO Germany were commissioned with the task of branding the Smart Fortwo electric drive as a “fun” ride, apart from the obvious fact that the Smart Fortwo is a friend of nature. This has led BBDO Germany to come up with eBall, a project that is heavily inspired by […]

Smart ForVision Electric Concept Car
Smart has long been one of the huge supporters for eco-friendly innovations in vehicles, and this time around they intend to make a splash at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show by announcing that they will be parading their spanking new electric vehicle (EV) concept there, dubbing it the ForVision Electric Concept. It might look rather ordinary from the outside, where it was designed and developed in collaboration with BASF (which […]

Smart pedelec electric bike enters production
Smart, the company that rolled out that cute little car in the past intends to live up to its name, although this time it will not be a four wheeler that will grace our roads, but rather, the pedelec – also known as the Pedal Electric Cycle. This particular mode of transport will come with an electric motor, where it sports a maintenance-free and brushless rear-wheel hub motor that will […]

Acer Iconia Smart ready to rock and roll
Acer seemed to have gotten rid of its cold feet when it comes to commitment with the Iconia Smart, where the Taiwanese computing giant has promised that said smartphone will hit the market sometime this September after some hiccups. While there were no specific reasons as to why the Iconia Smart was delayed, whispers going around the grapevine point towards the Japan earthquake which might have proved to be the […]

EASYWAKEme: the intelligent alarm clock
If you feel like you’re always not sleeping enough or sleeping too much, you ought to get your sleeping habits checked. As we all know, sleep is vital to our health, and too little (and even too much) of it can be bad for us. But the right amount of sleep will help people get up feeling refreshed, stress-free, totally alert and prepared to take on the day. Well the […]

Samsung RF4289 smart fridge gets a price tag
Just like all technology when it is first released, it gets tagged with a ridiculous price until the competition arrives with lower prices, and it usually starts to drop from there. But sometimes, technology is pretty ridiculous, and you wonder why people come up with it in the first place. Case in point – the RF4289 fridge from Samsung.First unveiled at CES 2011 this year, the RF4289 is a regular […]

Samsung QWERTY TV-remote now available in Korea
Remember the Samsung QWERTY TV-remote that was announced about 2 weeks ago? The complicated looking remote with way more buttons than you can shake a stick at? Well, it was slated to arrive in the US next month, but it looks like the folks over in Korea have got it first (no surprise since Samsung is from Korea after all). This means that it should be right on schedule to […]

Acer ICONIA tablets prices and availability dates revealed
It looks like Acer’s ICONIA tablets that were revealed awhile ago finally get some price tags and arrival dates. The ICONIA TAB W500, a 10″ (1280 x 800) display toting tablet powered by an AMD Fusion C-50 dual-core processor, with an AMD Radeon HD6250 graphics card, 2GB of RAM, 32GB SSD, WiFi, Bluetooth, 1.3 megapixel rear camera, 1.3 megapixel front camera, with Windows 7 Home Premium will be available in […]

Samsung announces new QWERTY TV-remote
Now we all know how annoying it is to enter text into a TV with a regular remote. Thankfully recently, we’ve been seeing a lot of manufacturers release smartphone apps for users to control TVs with their phones. But not everybody has a smartphone in this day and age, and probably don’t see a need for one. Samsung has just released a new TV-remote that could make life easier for […]

Google helps you to automatically sort your email with Smart Labels
Google has just announced a new way for you to automatically sort out your Gmail account, with the use of Smart Labels. Gmail already has the option for you to create your own labels if you want to label your emails, but if you don’t, Smart Labels will do the job for you. It provides you with 3 new labels – Bulk, Forums and Notifications. Gmail can detect what sorts […]

LG to make homes smarter with Smart appliances
[CES 2011] In addition to announcing Smart TVs, LG has plans to turn your home into a smart home with the introduction of Smart appliances. Imagine a home where your washing machines, ovens, robotic cleaners and refrigerators will sport THINQ technology, and can be easily connected through WiFi using your smartphone/tablet for you to monitor and program usage. This allows you to cut costs by scheduling them to run at […]

Smart Car Gets Brabus Sound Generator
Check out this electric version of the Smart car that comes in a cabriolet edition, offering a well-thought of feature that most people would’ve overlooked. While it might be an electric car that runs silently, Smart engineers take a different route by fitting in a Brabus sound generator that will mimic the noise of a race car engine whenever you floor the gas, giving you the aural impression that the […]