EASYWAKEmeIf you feel like you’re always not sleeping enough or sleeping too much, you ought to get your sleeping habits checked. As we all know, sleep is vital to our health, and too little (and even too much) of it can be bad for us. But the right amount of sleep will help people get up feeling refreshed, stress-free, totally alert and prepared to take on the day. Well the folks over at Dreamtrap have announced the launch of the EASYWAKEme Sleep Stage Alarm Clock to help us to do just that.

This intelligent alarm clock is capable of detecting the most optimal moments to wake up a person by monitoring how they sleep and tracking his/her body’s motion and detecting sleep phases. Using Dreamtap’s proprietary 3D Adaptive Sleep Capture (3D ASC) technology, the EASYWAKEme can determine when is the optimal time to wake you up and leave you feeling great.

The EASYWAKEme consists of a wearable sensor (compatible with most mobile phones) and a comfortable wrist band to attach it to your wrist while you sleep. Users input the required time window to be awakened and the phone app turns the mobile phone into a sleep phase alarm clock. The EASYWAKEme can also use a silent vibrating alarm mode to wake you up (in case you don’t want to disturb anyone else) or you can use your favorite wake-up tones from your phone.

In addition to waking you up well, the app can let you review your personal sleep stats, track your sleep duration and evaluate sleep efficiency. Info on the phone is automatically uploaded to a website that can be accessed with a free personal website account. With so many stats being recorded, you would think that you’re monitoring your sleep progress to try out for the sleep Olympics or something.

The EASYWAKEme will be available in July 2011 for $163 (£99) for Symbian and BlackBerry devices, though Dreamtrap plans to support other smartphone platforms in the future. Head over to the EASYWAKEme website for more details

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