Sometimes the difference between life and death is only just a few minutes. If medicine had been administered a few minutes earlier, or if a person was treated a few minutes earlier, it could have changed the outcome drastically.

This is why tech like the Apple Watch have become so invaluable where they have helped people who might not have otherwise been able to help themselves. Such is the case with a man from California where his life was saved after his Apple Watch managed to call for emergency services on his behalf.

According to the reports, the man got into an accident around midnight while on an electric bike. As he was not responsive after falling down, the watch called emergency services for him where first responders arrived on the scene and discovered the man lying unconscious on the road and bleeding from the head.

The man ended up spending several days in the hospital as a result of his head injury, but it is possible things could have been a lot worse where he might have bled to death had help not arrive in a timely manner. This is actually not the first time we heard about the Apple Watch saving the life of a person who fell down, so if you know someone elderly who lives alone, it might not be a bad idea to get them an Apple Watch for such situations.

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