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Apple Announces An Event For September 15
The other day, we reported that Apple could be announcing an upcoming event this week. It turns out that the rumors were right because on Apple’s YouTube page, the company has set a video to go live on the 15th of September which they have captioned “Time flies”. However, before you get too excited, this isn’t for the iPhone 12.

TCL Has Made A Smartwatch Designed For Seniors
A lot of times we think of technology mostly designed for younger people in mind, but that doesn’t mean that the older generation cannot benefit from it. Take for example the Apple Watch, where the company has created a feature that notifies others when the user has fallen and has not responded to the prompts.

The Apple Watch Is Completely Dominating The North American Market
There are so many different brands and models of smartwatches to choose from, but it seems that when it comes to the North American market, Apple has absolutely cornered it because according to a report from Canalys, the Apple Watch is more or less the default smartwatch of choice.

The Apple Watch Series 6 Won’t Be Coming In September
According to a report from last month, it was suggested that Apple could unveil their next-gen Apple Watch in September. However, it has now been suggested that will not be the case. A tweet by @L0vetodream is claiming that Apple will not be announcing a new Apple Watch this month.


Apple Could Offer A Cheaper Apple Watch Later This Year
Apple typically offers the Apple Watch in one version with differing screen sizes, but that could change later this year. According to the latest rumors, Apple could be launching at least two Apple Watch models. One model is expected to be the flagship model with the top-of-the-line specs, while the other is expected to be the lower-end model.

Fitbit Challenges Apple With Their New ‘Fitbit Sense’ Smartwatch
The Apple Watch is one of the more feature packed smartwatches available in the market today, with Apple reportedly dominating more than 50% of the global smartwatch market. However, it looks like Fitbit wants to take them on as the company has since unveiled their latest smartwatch in the form of the Fitbit Sense.

The Apple Watch Is Absolutely Dominating The Market
There are many, many wearables in the market today, but it seems that despite there being so many options out there, especially more affordable models, the Apple Watch appears to be the dominant wearable of choice. This is according to the latest data by Counterpoint Research where they found that no other wearable comes close.

Apple Watch Series 6 Could Be Announced Next Month
Whenever Apple announces a new iPhone, the event is usually host to other product announcements as well, like the Apple Watch. However, this year it seems that Apple could be taking a slightly different approach where the Apple Watch Series 6 could actually be announced first.

Google Maps Is Finally Returning To The Apple Watch
Back in 2017, major apps started to drop support for the Apple Watch. One of those apps was Google Maps. The company did not state why they removed the app, but perhaps it was due to watchOS where maybe Google felt that it was not able to deliver an optimal Google Maps experience.

Could Tesla Be Expanding To Smartwatches?
While Tesla is known for their electric cars, the company does launch products every now and then that raises eyebrows. For instance, the company launched iPhone cases, surf boards, and power banks, and now it looks like Tesla could soon be expanding to smartwatches, or at least have some kind of involvement with it.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Announced With Blood Oxygen Monitoring
If you’re a bit of a health nut and want a wearable that can provide you with a variety of biometric tracking capabilities, then you might be interested to learn that Samsung has recently announced its latest smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 3 that will come packed with a variety of health related sensors.

Apple Watch Series 6 Will Feature Blood Oxygen Monitoring
The Apple Watch already comes with several health monitoring features like a heart rate tracker and an ECG monitor. However, if a recent report from DigiTimes is to be believed, it seems that Apple could be getting ready to introduce a new health monitoring feature with the Apple Watch Series 6.

Your Apple Watch Can Now Be Used To Unlock Your Car Door
We had previously heard about Apple’s plans to eventually allow their devices to act as a digital car key to unlock car doors and whatnot. For those who think that this is a fantastic idea, you’ll be pleased to learn that Apple has since released the latest update for its watchOS platform, where updating to watchOS 6.2.8 will now allow you to use the wearable as a digital car key.

The Apple Watch’s ECG Could Have Just Saved Another Life
In the past, we have come across various stories of how the Apple Watch has saved a life thanks to its built-in heart rate tracking features. Now according to a new post on Reddit, it looks like another life could have potentially been saved. According to the poster, a 22-year old, his Apple Watch alerted him to an Afib despite him not showing any symptoms.