One of the features Apple built into the Apple Watch is fall detection. This is when the wearer falls down and the fall is detected by the watch who will then prompt the wearer to see if they are responsive. If the person who fell isn’t responding to the prompt, it can be set in such a way that it can call for help on their behalf.

This is pretty much what happened to an elderly man living in Morrow, Georgia, where he fell down outside and his Apple Watch called for help. The watch has since been credited for potentially saving his life due to the extreme cold where had he not been found, it could have ended much worse for him.

According to City of Morrow Fire Department Deputy Chief Jeff Moss, “Since an Apple Watch initiated the call, the location of the call could only be determined by the watch’s GPS, which reported the closest address. The Morrow Fire Department crew arrived on the scene with Morrow Police units and quickly noticed that the physical address was not where the patient was located and began a search of the perimeter.”

The man was found near some shrubbery around 12 minutes after his Apple Watch called for help. He was semi-conscious and extremely cold to touch. He was eventually sent to the nearest hospital where he was treated and later released.

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