Old Stadium Events NES Game Sells For $41300 On eBay

Maybe the next time the missus decides to trash all your old gaming systems in the house you might want to quickly run through the value of the items that are to be disposed. Dave from Kansas got a rather cool deal when he noticed that someone auctioned off a copy of Stadium Events for $13,000, and remembering that he had a copy of it still factory sealed in his basement, put it up for auction. The auction closed at $41,300, which is certainly a good deal for a game that cost just $29.99 when purchased. Collectors suspect that there are only about 20 copies of this game remaining today, which certainly contributes to its price tag. In case you’re wondering why the game was never opened, it seems that the floor-mat controller that was needed for the game wasn’t available on the day of purchase, and they never got around to returning the game. Now are you going to dig through your old stuff in the attic and look for some tech gold?


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