Aidan Dwyer’s Fibonacci solar array may not be feasible after all

Last week we reported that a 13 year old teen, Aidan Dwyer, managed to create a solar array that was inspired by tree branches and the Fibonacci sequence. At that time it was reported that he managed to achieve 50% more efficiency compared to regular solar designs, but as it turns out that might not have been the case.

Ford and SunPower working together to have solar panels installed in your home

So you’ve just bought yourself a brand new electric vehicle (EV) from Ford. Good for you! Now there’s one less person in the world contributing to pollution, but why stop there? Why not take it a step further and install solar panels for your home? If you have the spare cash or are willing to pay on installments just to go green and do your part for the Earth, it […]

Solar panels can also help to cool your home down

About a month ago, we reported about a laser equipped plane that managed to map out the rooftops of New York City, which basically pointed out viable locations whereby solar panels could be placed to potentially generate enough solar power for the entire city. Now it seems that solar panels, apart from helping to conserve electricity, have another function, one that perhaps was not intentional.

Mini L Solarbag protects your iPad while going green

Looking for a case/bag for your iPad and a way to go green, while remaining stylish? If those qualities sounds like it could be right up your alley, perhaps Element5’s Mini L Solarbag might be something worth your time to check out.


LG solar modules enter into next generation status

Solar power is part of the renewable energy effort, and with the continual rise of oil prices worldwide, it has even caused those oil sheikhs in the Middle East to start rethinking their strategies – after all, all of the black gold that is located underneath the dunes and offshore in that part of the world would eventually run out – what then, would the world depend on to run […]

Diffus Design offers solar panels on handbag

Handbags and shoes – a woman can never have enough (for most, anyways), so do not even bother getting in between them. Luxury handbags do cost a bomb, but that hasn’t stopped working women from using it as a way of rewarding themselves after a job well done, landing a handsome bonus at the end of the year only to part with it for a LV handbag. Here’s an idea […]

Bus stops in China get solar panels

With Japan hoping to pass a ruling to have all new buildings and houses boast solar panels by 2030, the world continues to follow this eco-friendly trend, and China is the next stop. It was reported that up to 14 bus stops saw solar panels being installed on them, where they will be put to good use in the Lianyungang district that is located in east China’s Jiangsu Province. Each […]

Liquid Solar Array collects sunlight while out in the sea

Solar panels are a great way to generate electricity without causing any harm to the environment, but the problem with them is that they require a large area to contain a huge amount of solar panels in order to generate sufficient amounts of electricity. While this works great when there’s a lot of real estate to go around, in highly dense or populated areas, it would be a waste of […]

Solar panels integrated into touchscreen displays is another gadget dream team

What are some of the gadget dream teams that you can think of? We just shared a story about solar panels being integrated into ordinary windows for Chicago’s Willis Tower, and the same idea has been transmuted to Greendix’s latest patented technology, that is, using their own custom shaped solar panel technology to be integrated into touchscreen displays. Imagine applying this technology across a slew of devices such as smartphones, […]

Portable solar charger on the cheap, thanks to UM students

Solar power is definitely one of the better ways to harvest free energy from our surroundings, and when it comes to rural areas, it is one of the best ways to provide green and sustainable energy without having to cut down large tracts from the forest. The University of Michigan should be proud that three of its alumni from the engineering faculty have come up with the Emerald portable solar […]

Sanyo To Produce The World’s Most Efficient Solar Cells

Green energy has taken another positive step forward as Sanyo has announced that it will begin mass producing a new type of solar cell. These new solar cells, dubbed HIT cells, boast the world’s highest cell conversion efficiency of 21.6%. It’s worth noting that Sharp showcased a solar cell that was capable of 42.1% efficiency a while back, but that was just a prototype. Sanyo’s HIT-N240SE10 is capable of 19% […]

NXT robot gets solar power option

Dexter Industries intends to help you live a slightly greener life if you happen to own a NXT device, where they are offering a $90 solar panel that ought to generate enough power to run a NXT control brick and one servo. Does this mean NASA will send Lego Mindstorms to Mars as part of an experiment in the future? Who knows, eh? This 9V/250mA panel is pretty easy to […]

General Electric has thin-film solar panels

General Electric wants a bigger slice of the solar power market with the introduction of their new thin-film solar panels alongside relevant accompanying equipment. These thin-film solar panels were made in conjunction with PrimeStar Solar, where it will hit the mass market from next year onwards. Cadmium telluride cells would be the material of choice, where these thin-film solar panels are meant for utility-scale solar projects. General Electric aims to […]

EnSol has tech to turn windows into solar panels

It is definitely an idea worth exploring – we’re talking about using windows as solar panels, killing two birds with one stone. EnSol has the same train of thought as well, as the Norwegiam company recently patented a thin film solar cell technology that was specially designed to be sprayed onto such surfaces. It will not work like traditional silicon-based solar cells, where even the structural material of the building […]