Looking for a case/bag for your iPad and a way to go green, while remaining stylish? If those qualities sounds like it could be right up your alley, perhaps Element5’s Mini L Solarbag might be something worth your time to check out.

It’s apparently Swiss-made and it features a dock connector within the bag itself that will be able to connect to a variety of iOS devices (one at a time of course). It also looks like there could be enough room within the bag to store some accessories as well, should you choose to. A solar panel installed on the flap of the bag and will provide the juice necessary to charge your iOS devices while you’re on the go, so while taking a walk through the park, or on the way to work, you could be charging your iOS device at the same time.

According to Element5:

It starts with our revolutionary eMicro-Battery which sets new standards at recharging Smartphones and iPads. In addition, the all-new (BluCell) solar panel allows an efficient use of solar energy.”

They also go on to claim that the eMicro battery will provide enough juice to add an additional 5 hours to your iPad or fully charge your iPhone three times. We’re assuming that these measurements are based off a fully stored solar panel. Unfortunately it does not say how long it would take for the solar panels to reach maximum capacity.

If being stylish and going green is your thing, prepare to pay a premium as the Mini L Solarbag comes with a pretty hefty price tag of $400.

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