Solar power is part of the renewable energy effort, and with the continual rise of oil prices worldwide, it has even caused those oil sheikhs in the Middle East to start rethinking their strategies – after all, all of the black gold that is located underneath the dunes and offshore in that part of the world would eventually run out – what then, would the world depend on to run their machines and vehicles? Solar energy has long been touted to be the next frontier, being clean and free – but the efficiency levels of such solar cells have yet to be cost effective for the average person, otherwise we would have settled for solar-powered cars a long time ago for everyday use. LG has not given up the good fight though, having showcase their latest solar energy solution at Intersolar 2011 in Munich, Germany.

LG’s booth will show off the advanced Mono XTM and Multi XTM solar modules, where they are 8.3% and 4.3% more efficient, respectively, compared to conventional models. The former has the highest energy efficiency among all LG modules in its class, where it runs at a more efficient 260W and is cheaper to install. As for the Multi X, this is LG’s latest photovoltaic module that features 240W of power with the same levels of energy efficiency.

Hopefully we will see these implemented in the near future – and with a wider adoption rate, perhaps the overall costs can be reduced?

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