With Japan hoping to pass a ruling to have all new buildings and houses boast solar panels by 2030, the world continues to follow this eco-friendly trend, and China is the next stop. It was reported that up to 14 bus stops saw solar panels being installed on them, where they will be put to good use in the Lianyungang district that is located in east China’s Jiangsu Province. Each bus stop will feature five solar panels, where it is capable of delivering up to 800 watts of juice if it is a bright, sunny day – more than enough power to keep the LED panel and billboard going even when dusk falls and until dawn arrives.

It goes without saying that this idea could be propogated to different countries around the world, and imagine just the amount of power and cost savings that local municipal councils are able to save by relying on renewable energy? Cheaper advertisement vehicles would also translate to more affordable prices, and if economic theories are followed to the hilt, then logic dictates that the product(s) being advertised ought to be cheaper for the target market as well since the overall cost is lowered. Solar panels for the win!

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