The Elektra One has finally debuted – a few months after we talked about it. Back in March, we did not have that many details about the Elektra One, but time has certainly changed the situation as you will now be able to check out just what this solar-powered airplane is capable off. SolarWorld is behind the solar panels on the Elektra One, while German business partner PC Aero completes this teamwork with a fine looking airplane. You will not be able to go out for dates with this though, since it remains a single seater aircraft for the moment. Capable of hitting a cruising speed of over 100 miles per hour, it is capable of remaining airborne for over 3 hours with a range that exceeds 250 miles.

As the Elektra One tips the scales at 440 pounds, it is not able to carry anyone (or anything) that weighs more than 220 pounds, so you might want to lay off the late night grilled hamburgers if you were ever thinking of forking out $1,450,000 for this puppy. Yes, nearly one and a half million buckeroos will need to be exchanged if you want to see the Elektra One in your garage – er, hangar. Orders for the Elektra One are tipped to happen sometime next year, although it isn’t unlikely for some oil baron to place an order for one already – fully customized with gold shavings and diamonds to boot.

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