Solar power is definitely something that companies ought to figure out how to harness to its maximum ability – after all, it is free and pretty consistent, depending on which part of the globe you’re residing at. Changers’ latest solar powered gadget-charging system was specially designed to deliver juice to your USB devices via a simply one-button device. It does not matter whether you’re rocking to an iDevice, e-book reader or Android phones, the Changers Starter Kit will cater to those – and more.

Each purchase comprises of the “Kalhuohfummi” solar battery and Changers “Maroshi” solar module, capable of generating up to four Watts per hour. Not only that, it will also upload on the amount of power it has generated to an online energy marketplace at, letting you brag on how much energy you’ve saved – or little, depending on which way you look at it.

The Colorado-produced solar panel can be attached to any window or surface that is sunny enough, where four hours of direct sunlight is enough to juice up the system’s 16-Watt battery. Pre-orders for the starter kit is rather reasonable at $149, with a limited number being made available at first.

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