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Sony A77II Could Be The A77's Successor [Rumor]
We’re sure there are photographers out there who can’t wait to see what Sony will introduce in the successor of the Sony A77. So far the specs the camera still remains somewhat of a mystery, but now according to a post by Sony Alpha Rumors, a few extra details have made their way online.For starters it seems that the Sony A77’s successor will officially be known as the Sony A77II, […]

Sony WX350 Compact Zoom Camera
Zoom cameras come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from DSLR cameras with extremely bulky zoom lenses, or DSLR-like cameras which are more compact and feature optical zoom, and then there are also the compact zoom cameras whose lens might not necessarily be as huge or as long as interchangeable lenses, but makes up for it by being slim and small enough to slip into your pocket. Sony’s DSC-WX350 is […]

Sony a6000 Camera Officially Launched
Sony puts an end to the a6000 (alpha 6000) camera by releasing the official specifications and information about it. First of all, keep in mind that this is an NEX-style interchangeable lens camera and not a DSLR camera. It’s not new, but if you missed it, Sony is phasing out the NEX product name, which will eventually be completely merged with the “Alpha” line of products. I know, it’s a […]

Sony HX400V and H400 Cameras Unveilled
With the Sony RX10, the company introduced a new processor in the form of the Bionz X. If you loved what you saw from the RX10, you might be interested to learn that Sony has brought the same processor and introduced it to some of its new cameras, such as the HX400V. The camera will feature a 20.4MP Exmor CMOS sensor and will pack a 50x optical zoom ZEISS Vari-Sonnar […]


New Sony E-mount Cameras Rumored For Announcement Next Week
Considering that the Sony NEX-7 was launched back in 2011, safe to say that it is about time that Sony come forward with a new camera that would be the successor of the NEX-7. Now we have heard the rumors that a successor could be in the works which might actually be shipped later this year in April, and now according to a new rumor from Sony Alpha Rumors, perhaps […]

Sony's QX10/QX100 Could Be Making Its Way Onto Tablets
Back in 2013, Sony announced the QX10 and the QX100 which were essentially camera lenses that you could attach to your smartphone. The great thing about the lenses was that it did not favor any particular device or platform, meaning that it worked on iPhones as well as non-Sony Android devices as well. Perhaps looking to further put an end to device discrimination, it seems that Sony could be considering […]

Sony A77 Successor Rumored To Cost €1,200
If you were thinking about getting your hands on the Sony A77 or want to upgrade from the A77, you might have heard that there could be a Sony A77 successor in the works. This has been rumored about for a while now and last we heard, it is possible that the A77’s successor could even see a release in June following a rumored announcement in April. That’s well and […]

Sony NEX-6/NEX-7 Successor To Ship In April, Could Cost $1,100 [Rumor]
We have been hearing rumors about a possible Sony NEX-7 successor for a while now, although when exactly will the camera actually be made a reality remains to be seen. In any case according to the latest rumors from Sony Alpha Rumors, it has been suggested that Sony could be looking to announce new high-end APS-C E-mount cameras that will replace both the NEX-6 and the NEX-7, and that it […]

Sony A77 Successor Rumored For June Release
From what we heard back in 2013, the Sony A77’s successor had been rumored for a release in 2014. Considering that the camera had been released in 2011 and that we’re now in 2014, we guess it’s about time that Sony announce an upgrade to the A77 especially in light of the competition who has released newer and better cameras lately. Now the good news is that according to new […]

Dedicated Black And White Camera Rumored To Be In Development By Sony
Black and white photography is still popular amongst photographers, and while it might be easy to slap on a black and white filter on your photograph, there is a skill and subtlety to it that not everyone can grasp or understand, with Ansel Adams probably being one of the more prolific black and white photographers of our time. That being said, back in the day there was film dedicated to […]

Sony Rumored To Announce New A And E-Mount Cameras In The Coming Weeks
While Sony did show off some new products at CES 2014, their camera lineup seemed aimed more towards the hobbyist and the videographer, as opposed to the more professional photographer who might be look for more “serious” gear. Well fret not because according to a report from Sony Alpha Rumors, they claim that they have been tipped off by a couple of their sources that Sony is expected to make […]

Sony AS100V: Wearable Action Camcorder Reloaded
[CES 2014] While we expect that regular camcorders are more than capable of taking action videos, such as during sporting events, action camcorders might do a better job due to their durability and also because sometimes these action camcorders can be worn, allowing athletes to film their stunts from a first-person perspective. One of those cameras would be the Sony HDR-AS100V which is the company’s latest high-end wearable action camcorder.

Sony FDR-AX100: Semi-Pro 4K HandyCam
[CES 2014] Ever since the FDR-AX1 4K (3840×2160) camcorder was announced, we knew that Sony would eventually put a high-performance 4K recorder in the palm of your hand. The question was “when”, and now we have the answer: “now” (almost). The Sony FDR-AX100 is a compact 4K camcorder that supplements the 4K line up from Sony. The AX1 will continue to exist because its form-factor can cater to professionals, but […]

Sony Announces Cyber-shot W830 Compact Digital Zoom Camera
[CES 2014] When it comes to zoom cameras, there are a few options available to photographers. They can get themselves a DSLR and a set of zoom lenses which can go incredibly far, but the drawback is that DSLR cameras tend to be bulky and good zoom lenses tend to be extremely expensive. If you have no need to a super zoom lens, perhaps a compact zoom digital camera might […]