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PlayStation VR Demos Available From Retailers Nationwide Starting Tomorrow
Sony has been working on its virtual reality headset for quite some time now. It started out as being known just as Project Morpheus before Sony confirmed that it’s going to be called PlayStation VR. The company talked about it quite a bit at E3 2016 and confirmed when it’s going to be released. Many of you may not have had the chance to try it out but that changes […]

Gran Turismo Sport 60 FPS 1080P Gameplay Footage Released
The PlayStation 4 exclusive Gran Turismo Sport was confirmed just last month, and Sony did talk about the title at its E3 2016 press event. It’s the first new-gen addition to the GT franchise and it will offer players four sets of cars that include 137 models combined. The game has 19 tracks and 27 possible layouts for players to navigate. You can get a glimpse of all that thanks […]

New God Of War Doesn't Feature Original Voice Actor Of Kratos
You might have been very happy when Sony confirmed during its E3 2016 press conference that a new God of War game is in the pipeline. You might have also been a bit confused to hear Kratos sound different in the God of War 4 trailer, and that’s because the original voice actor for Kratos has not been brought back for the new game. Someone else is voicing the iconic […]

Sony Is Already Predicting PlayStation VR Shortages At Launch
Yesterday Sony confirmed that the PlayStation VR would be launched on the 13th of October. If you haven’t pre-ordered or if you have pre-ordered late, there is a good chance your order could arrive later than you would like as Sony has already predicted that they will be experiencing shortages at launch.


Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 Release Date Confirmed
It was revealed earlier this month that the release of PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn had been delayed. The game was previously expected to be released this year but Sony and Guerrilla Games said that the game will now be released in early 2017. Sony did talk about this game at its E3 2016 press event, it provided a confirmed Horizon Zero Dawn PS4 release date, and as promised, […]

The Last Guardian Release Date Finally Confirmed
Sony has made us all wait for quite a long time for The Last Guardian. This game was first announced a few years ago and then we didn’t hear much about it. There were rumors that perhaps The Last Guardian had been cancelled, but in June last year, Sony promised that it will release the game for PlayStation 4 in 2016. At its E3 2016 press event, Sony finally confirmed […]

New Spider-Man Game For PlayStation 4 Confirmed
There hasn’t been a new Spider-Man game for consoles in some time now but that’s changing now. Fans will be happy to find out that Sony has confirmed a new Spider-Man game which will be available exclusively for PlayStation 4. The company hasn’t provided a lot of information about this game as yet primarily because it will be a while before it’s ready for release, but it has released a new […]

Sony PlayStation VR Confirmed For October 13 Launch
Earlier this year Sony announced that the PlayStation VR would be available in October, but the company did not specify when exactly in October that gamers can get their hands on it. During their E3 presentation, Sony finally revealed the date that we can look forward to, which is set for the 13th of October, 2016.

Sony Unveils PS VR Aim Controller, Promises 1:1 Tracking
With virtual reality being such an immersive technology, it is important the controllers of the device are well-tuned, meaning that it should respond with relatively no lag and how you move in real-life should represent how you move in the game. Imagine a set of controllers where lifting your arm slightly results in you swinging your arms wildly in the game, probably not a good idea, right?

Batman: Arkham VR Will Let You Play As Batman
With virtual reality continuing its momentum, it isn’t surprising that this year’s E3 saw a lot of titles created with VR in mind, like Fallout 4 for example. Now the good news is that if you’re after more VR titles, Sony has officially announced Batman: Arkham VR which will allow gamers to stand in the shoes of the caped crusader.

Remastered Crash Bandicoot Titles Will Be Coming To The PS4
With so many games to choose from in today’s market, we’re sure some of the younger gamers might be curious as to why Crash Bandicoot is still getting so much attention these days. It is because Crash Bandicoot was one of the classics of the original PlayStation, which we guess you could almost think of as it being Sony’s “Mario” equivalent.

Sony Announces A New ‘God Of War’ Game At E3 2016
There are many games that have managed to become classic staples over the years, and the God of War franchise is one of them. After all the game’s protagonist Kratos is pretty recognizable and he is also a favorite amongst cosplayers. Now we had heard rumors that a new God of War would be announced at E3, and sure enough Sony did not disappoint.

God of War 4 Announcement Expected At E3 2016
There have been rumors over the past year or so that God of War 4 is in development. Recent leaks have suggested that the game is going to have a Norse setting, which would see Kratos moving north to murder some Norse Gods. Some art was leaked earlier this year which gave us a glimpse at the new and improved Kratos who sports Viking furs with an axe in hand. […]

Sony Confirms Upgraded PS4, But It Won’t Be At E3
After countless rumors and leaks, Sony has confirmed that the PS4 “Neo” is very real. While they did not actually confirm the “Neo” codename or the actual name of the console, they did confirm that they had an upgraded console, and this was conveyed by Sony Interactive Entertainment’s CEO Andrew House to the Financial Times.