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Space Invaders Keychain Game Can Hold Your Keys, Too
Have you always wanted to have a piece of Space Invaders in your pocket to play whenever you want? Now you can!

Space Invaders Game Used To Display 404 Not Found Error Page
A Space Invaders game has been used for a website's 404 Not Found error page.

Space Invaders LED lamp
Geek out your home without feeling any shame with the Space Invaders LED lamp that will definitely be agreeable to the rest of your mates, although your other half might disapprove – strongly. This unique floor lamp is made out of 100% iron, and will feature characters from the 1978 videogame known as Space Invaders which has since become a pop culture classic, sucking away quarter after quarter from kids […]

Space Invaders Gmail notifier
“You’ve got mail” has proved to be one of the more popular notifications, whether it is said out aloud, or comes in the form of a special beep or ding on your smartphone, tablet, desktop or notebook. Well, that is nice and good, but how about taking things a little bit further if you absolutely cannot bear to not reply an email (or check it out) even when you are […]


Taito InvaderCade turns your iPad into an arcade machine
Taito, creators of the classic arcade game, Space Invaders has decided to hop on the iPad arcade cabinet craze and launched its own version of the iPad accessory. Called the InvaderCade, this contraption turns your lovely tablet into a screen for you to blast aliens with. Featuring a ball-top joystick and a single button to fire your ship’s gun, gaming hasn’t been this simple in awhile.

Space Invader Couch
Designer Igor Chack has designed something that our geeky eyes could not miss: a Space Invader Couch. Named Retro Alien Couch, possibly to avoid troubles with Taito, the couch is said to feature all fine leather and memory foam cushions. We haven’t seen one, let alone tested it with our own behinds, but at the very least, we find the idea to be very appealing to a certain category of […]

Space Invaders get sized down, could be smallest in the world
For those of you who grew up in the 1980s and frequented arcades that had all these large machines, asking you to feed them quarter after quarter while you master the nuances of the game itself, this is one DIY project that quite unlike the electric chair, is able to send chills down your spine. After all, we are talking about what could possibly be the smallest Space Invaders arcade […]

Space Invaders Soap
There is just something about carving geeky products from soap – and the latest would be the Space Invaders soaps that measure an exact 1″ x 1″ in full 3D glory, making them good for one-time or perhaps even two-time use, if you’re so inclined. They retail for $5 a pop – not exactly the cheapest soaps you’d find on the market, but hey, it does boost up your geek […]