Visiting your favorite website to only be met with a “404 Not Found” message can certainly be frustrating, especially if you absolutely need the information at that moment. Usually, 404 Not Found error messages are pretty standard as you’ll be told the site you’re trying to access is currently down for some unknown reason, with some websites offering a unique message or image when a 404 Not Found error pops up. But one website decided to make their 404 Not Found error message a little more interactive by programming a full game into their error message.

Mass:werk Media Environments programmed their 404 Not Found error pages to play out a full game of Space Invaders with custom messages. Controlling your ship can be done using your keyboard’s arrow keys or the “A” and “S” keys, while pressing the spacebar will fire your missiles. The actual 404 Not Found error message will serve as a shield from the Space Invaders’ missiles, although Mass:werk has made a number of other HTTP status codes available to use as cover.

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