Designer Igor Chack has designed something that our geeky eyes could not miss: a Space Invader Couch. Named Retro Alien Couch, possibly to avoid troubles with Taito, the couch is said to feature all fine leather and memory foam cushions. We haven’t seen one, let alone tested it with our own behinds, but at the very least, we find the idea to be very appealing to a certain category of customers.

The designer says that the customer can choose the color, but this will probably cost an extra. Talking about cost, the couch retails for $5000 and the shipping to “anywhere in the USA” costs $300.

What do you think of the idea of having a Space Invader in your home? It would be interesting to see a whole collection with (bunker) chairs  and a Space Invader coffee table. Who’s in?

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