Geek out your home without feeling any shame with the Space Invaders LED lamp that will definitely be agreeable to the rest of your mates, although your other half might disapprove – strongly. This unique floor lamp is made out of 100% iron, and will feature characters from the 1978 videogame known as Space Invaders which has since become a pop culture classic, sucking away quarter after quarter from kids all over America as they attempt to stop an alien horde from landing on the earth. Capable of functioning as a night light as well as a decorative/ambient light, the characters even look as though they pop out right there and then, despite the fact that it is not dark around you.

Since the Space Invaders LED lamp comes in a simple shape and boasts a clean design, it ought to be able to snuggle into most homes’ corners without looking out of place, considering the extremely thin form factor. A tiny power LED will reflect light on the white rear that in turn, diffuses a smooth and uniform light. Invading the earth does not seem to take up as much energy as our alien friends predict.

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