We know there are times when you absolutely, positively need to feed your addiction to Space Invaders while you’re out and about, but your mobile devices that have multiple versions of the game are all dead due to your constant playing. If only there was a way to have another method of playing Space Invaders that you can carry around in your pocket as easily as you carry around your keys. Enter the Space Invaders keychain.

The Space Invaders Keychain Game doesn’t play exactly like the actual Space Invaders game, instead it plays like a cross between Space Invaders and whack-a-mole as you’ll need to take your aggression out on blinking alien invaders in order to defeat them. Best of all, when you’re not playing with the Space Invaders Keychain Game, the device can actually hold your keys as well. If you don’t consider this the best $13 you’ll ever spend, then we can no longer be friends.

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