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How To Block Emails On Gmail
Google’s Gmail platform has a pretty good spam filter and for the most part, it gets the job done. However, if you want to block certain emails, here’s how you can go about doing it.

How To Unsubscribe From Email Newsletters on Gmail
Unfortunately, the days when we were receiving a few emails a week – worthy of our attention – are long gone. Each time you write down your email address in an online form, rest assured that you’ll unexpectedly receive the respective platform’s newsletter, even if you don’t recall using it.

Google Cracks Down On YouTube 'Fraudulent Views'
The presence you command on the internet can usually be summed up in a few numbers, the number of followers you have on Twitter, number of likes your business’s page has on Facebook and the number of views your videos have on YouTube, there are just a few examples of how numbers shape the opinion of a stranger on the internet that comes across any one of your many online […]

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile Will Not Charge Customers For Spam SMS
Receiving spam SMS is just a way of life as we’re sure many of you have inadvertently given your number out to a company, not realizing they’d be texting you on an hourly basis with special discounts you can receive if you reply to their offer. The annoying part of these spam SMS is the fact that they counted against your allowance of texts, that is, if you don’t already […]


Surge in Yahoo Mail Spam?
It has been reported that some Yahoo Mail account users are seeing a surge in email SPAM. This is a relatively new development because although GMail remains the best player in town for SPAM filtering, Yahoo Mail wasn’t so bad – especially when compared to Hotmail. This is even more suprising if you take into account that Yahoo has been recently DMARC-certified (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance), which is a […]

Spammers take over New York Times e-mail list
Nobody likes spam, unless it is the stuff that you find in between two slices of bread, and when coupled with a slice of cheese, it can be touted as the perfect breakfast. I guess The New York Times also hates spam, especially after some spammers hacked into the newspaper’s e-mail marketing list, sending out e-mails that informed former subscribers to call The New York Times in order to reinstate […]

Amazon finally cracking down on spam books
Remember back in June we reported on the topic of spam books taking over Amazon’s Kindle book store? Well, just in case you forgot, spammers have re-publishing books (both out of copyright and those still under copyright) as their own titles; indirectly stealing money from many self-published authors who have worked hard to write them in the first place.After months of these scams going on, it seems like Amazon is […]

Hotmail to roll out new features to combat spam and account hacking
You have probably received weird sounding emails from your friends before, and for those who us who are more suspicious in nature, we think “spam” and don’t bother opening it. Spam and account hacking is not new when it comes to public hosted emails from Hotmail, Yahoo and even Gmail has not been exempt from said malicious activities. This is probably due to the clicking of links with misleading titles […]

Google Voice now supports Global Spam Filtering
Tired of receiving unwanted calls on your Google Voice number? Well, the folks over at Google have come up with a way to stop that from happening. Google has just updated the Google Voice service to support Global Spam Filtering. Whenever you get a call from a telemarketer or a random number who keeps asking for the wrong person, stopping them from ever calling again is just as easy as […]

MyPageKeeper keeps Facebook safe from malware and spam
We all know that Facebook is already a bad idea if you plan to keep your life away from the prying eyes of people, both strangers and friends. With a network of over 500 million active users – there is a high chance of your account being hit by spam or malware that was inadvertently downloaded by someone in your social network. While many of us know the consequences of […]

Amazon Kindle overrun with spam books
If you’re an author who self-published a book on Amazon’s Kindle book store, and you’re wondering why nobody seems to be buying your books – it’s not because your book is unpopular. Chances are, it’s been buried in spam. According to reports online, it looks like the Kindle book store is suffering from the same issues as the Android Market: an overload of spam books. Because Amazon doesn’t govern the […]

Rustock botnet collapses, world receives less spam
The Rustock botnet is actually an international network of virus-infected computers that has been taken advantage of for years by generating billions of emails each day in order to promote unlicensed online pharmacies and impotence pills. Well, we have good news for the masses – email traffic from Rustock has completely collapsed after Microsoft managed to seize servers that were suspected of covertly controlling more than a million Windows-powered PCs, […]

Websense Defensio Keeps Facebook Pages Free of Inappropriate Content
[DEMO Spring 2011] Websense Defensio provides a social media security solution that helps organization to automatically detects spam or inappropriate content on their Facebook page.Websense Defensio, as well as the full family of Websense TRITON™ solutions, are based on the Websense Advanced Classification Engine (ACE) and the Websense ThreatSeeker™ Network. The company claims that with the two proprietary technologies combined, Websense provides user-generated content analysis enabling real-time protection. This will […]

Hotmail to offer disposable email addresses
Microsoft has just announced that they will be offering temporary email addresses to their Hotmail users. Targeted at subscribers who need an email address just to sign up for a forum or some online service temporarily, this service will allow them to create a sub-address with their existing account. Users will be able to create up to 5 new email addresses per year. Any messages sent to these temporary addresses […]