Websense Defensio[DEMO Spring 2011] Websense Defensio provides a social media security solution that helps organization to automatically detects spam or inappropriate content on their Facebook page.


Websense Defensio, as well as the full family of Websense TRITON™ solutions, are based on the Websense Advanced Classification Engine (ACE) and the Websense ThreatSeeker™ Network. The company claims that with the two proprietary technologies combined, Websense provides user-generated content analysis enabling real-time protection. This will save a lot of time and resources to corporations and small businesses, now they will be able to automate the process of monitoring the pages for offensive content, instead of dealing manually with it.

Defensio is also showcasing its new “Scan my Facebook page!” button, just go to www.websense.com/facebook and click the “Scan my Facebook page!” button. Defensio will then analyze your corporate Facebook page and provide metrics reagarding the volume of malicious content, spam, and inappropriate language that resides on the page.

I need to see a demo to share how exactly the technology works, and what kind of protection it offers.

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