Receiving spam SMS is just a way of life as we’re sure many of you have inadvertently given your number out to a company, not realizing they’d be texting you on an hourly basis with special discounts you can receive if you reply to their offer. The annoying part of these spam SMS is the fact that they counted against your allowance of texts, that is, if you don’t already have an unlimited texting plan. Today, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint are making sure these kinds of texts don’t count against your monthly text allowance.


The change will be going into effect over the next few weeks, although texts from charitable and political groups will be considered exceptions to the rule. Statements released by both T-Mobile and AT&T reveal the reason why this change is occurring is it’s completely in the best interest of its customers to do so, especially since some SMS messages have been used to trick users into downloading malware or subscribing to questionable services.

Verizon Wireless didn’t join this initiative as they say they’re “winding down” their premium messaging service anyway. We hope Verizon customers don’t suddenly receive a huge wave of spam SMS messages as a result of their winding things down.

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