We all know that Facebook is already a bad idea if you plan to keep your life away from the prying eyes of people, both strangers and friends. With a network of over 500 million active users – there is a high chance of your account being hit by spam or malware that was inadvertently downloaded by someone in your social network. While many of us know the consequences of clicking a link that says “see who’s blocking you!” an even larger number of Facebook users don’t, hence we have the need for protection.

A couple of students from the Bourns College of Engineering have teamed up with to create MyPageKeeper: a free Facebook app that helps users to keep their Facebook accounts free of spam and malware. It works by constantly scanning a user’s page, wall-posts, news-feeds, and links posted by his/her friends. When malware, spam or other flagged material is detected, MyPageKeeper notifies the user who can then remove the malicious content from their profile. The app, which was created three months ago, is available for free on Facebook.

It’s good to see the Facebook community helping out everybody for free, when Facebook itself is too busy to keep an eye out on everyone. Hopefully Facebook integrates MyPageKeeper or creates something similar in future versions of the service to help reduce malware and spam on its site.

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