The thing about throwing a house party is that inevitably there will be someone who hates the music. So instead of continuously swapping out MP3 players for different songs, design Jason Farsai has come up with a speaker dock concept that should accommodate just about everyone’s taste in music.

He has called it the Bose IQ multi device docking station concept and as you can see, it will dock a variety of iOS/iPod devices across the board. The docking station will allow users to queue up songs from the various iOS/iPod devices plugged into it and the OLED screen will display the album art of the upcoming songs. A remote control will also allow users to select and queue up songs remotely.

Unfortunately the drawbacks to being a concept is that while an idea might be good, putting it into actual production might be more tricky or not worth it for a company to pursue. So for now let’s just enjoy the photo and dream of the possibilities.

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