If the sound from iOS speaker docks that are currently available in the market leave you less than impressed, come CES 2012 Behringer will unveil the iNuke Boom speaker dock for iOS devices. As the name implies, it will be one heck of a speaker dock, although given its asking price, its name could also be referring to that as well.

The iNuke Boom iOS speaker dock will measure 8ft wide and will be 4ft tall. We’re sure the tiny iPhone rendered in the photo above is probably a slight exaggeration, but yes, that would be one huge speaker dock alright! It reportedly weighs in at over 700 pounds and according to Behringer, it has the capability to pump out over 10,000 Watts of power.

We’re not sure what home user would require that much power from an iOS speaker dock, but if you do it’s probably time to start saving. According to Behringer’s suggested retail price, the iNuke Boom will easily set you back a very cool $29,999.99. If you’re interested in knowing more about the iNuke Boom or Behringer’s new line of EUROSOUND consumer audio products, check back with us during CES 2012 for more information!

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