With Sprint and LightSquared’s recent partnership, it’s without doubt that Sprint eventually plans to introduce 4G LTE network coverage, with speeds that would trump their current 4G WiMAX offerings. With Verizon already rolling out more LTE coverage and with AT&T following behind, and given that Sprint would be in a precarious position should the AT&T and T-Mobile acquisition go through, they would need something better than WiMAX if they hope to keep their customers around.


Sprint has just sent out several invites to the press, inviting them to an event that will be held on the 7th of October discussing Sprint’s strategy update. It is unclear as to what exactly the event will be about, but some are speculating that based on the graphics of the event, it will be about network infrastructure and possibly the announcement of plans to roll out 4G LTE network coverage. Naturally this will be a big deal which might explain the need for an event to properly announce and explain Sprint’s plans.

Alternatively some are speculating that this will be when Sprint will announce that they will be carrying Apple’s next-generation iPhone, and given that Sprint has been rumored to be one of the carriers to support Apple’s upcoming iPhone, it’s not a huge stretch to think that an iPhone 5 announcement could also be what this event may be about.

Either way if it’s about 4G LTE network coverage or an iPhone 5 announcement, you can be sure that we will be on it, so check back for updates!

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