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Samsung 750 EVO SSD Now Available Worldwide With 500GB Capacity
Samsung today announced that it’s expanding the availability of its 750 EVO solid state drive worldwide. The company also confirmed that the SSD which was previously available in 120GB and 250GB capacity is now available worldwide in 500GB capacity as well. These SSDs enable mainstream consumers and PC makers an efficient migration path from HDDs and slow-performing entry-level SSDs to a faster and more reliable storage solution.

Samsung SSD T3 Review
Following its external T1 SSD drive last year, Samsung is back with a T3 SSD USB 3.1 drive that targets the same market, with some improvements. This new drive can put up to 2TB of storage in about 2.75 cubic inches. I’ll go over the design, some performance numbers, use cases and a comparison with its predecessor.

Seagate Shows Off 'Fastest-Ever' SSD Flash Drive
Seagate has unveiled a production-ready unit of what it claims to be the “fastest-ever” SSD (solid-state drive), with throughput performance of 10 gigabytes per second. This production-ready unit is said to meet Open Compute Project specifications which makes it a good choice for hyper-scale data centers that want to more to the latest flash technology with support for the latest and most sustainable standards.

Samsung’s 15.36TB SSD Is Now Shipping
Last year Samsung announced what they were calling the world’s largest capacity SSD for enterprise storage. This is basically a 15.36TB SSD that really just puts to shame everything we’ve seen in computers so far, but then again they are designed for enterprise use so it makes sense that it is capable of holding so much data.


Sony Rolls Out SLW-M Consumer Solid State Drives
When you think about SSD brands, maybe brands like Samsung or Intel come to mind. Now if you’re looking for more options, you might be interested to learn that Sony could soon be a brand worth your consideration as the company has recently taken the wraps off its latest SSD  in the form of the SLW-M series.

World’s Biggest SSD Launched With 13TB Of Storage
Back in the day when SSDs weren’t as common as they are today, they came in really small storage sizes and cost a tiny fortune. These days SSDs are still expensive compared to regular HDDs, but they are considerably more affordable, especially considering that they have also increased in storage capacity.

Sandisk Extreme 510, 200GB Connect Wireless Stick
SanDisk today announced the launch of its new high-speed, water-resistant all-terrain portable Solid State Drive at the International Consumer Electronics Show 2016 in Las Vegas. It has been designed with videographers and photographers in mind who require a fast and reliable solution for their storage needs, the SanDisk Extreme 510 portable SSD promises to deliver that on both the location and in the studio.

Sandisk X400 World's Thinnest 1TB SSD
AT CES 2016 today, SanDisk has unveiled its X400 solid state drive which it claims to be the world’s thinnest one terabyte M.2 SSD. It’s also said to be the first single-sided 1TB SATA m.2 form factor that’s just 1.5mm in height.

Samsung T3 SSD Gets Metal Body, USB Type C
Not so long ago, Samsung created a bit of a shock in the SSD world with the ultra-fast Samsung T1 SSD. When I reviewed it, I was surprised to see that, over USB 3.0, it was nearly as fast as my internal SATA drive. At CES 2016, Samsung launches the Samsung T3 SSD, the next-generation T-Series SSD drive.

Samsung SSD 950 PRO Review
Every year Samsung releases a brand new SSD product and this year is no exception. For 2015, Samsung introduces the world’s first (another one) NVMe PCIe SSD the Samsung 950 PRO [official 950 Pro page].The 950 PRO is basically assembled with the best components and features that Samsung SSD has to offer to date. The board and the controller are from the OEM SM951-NVMe while the memory are from the […]

Samsung 950 PRO SSD: Performance Explosion
At the 2015 Samsung SSD Global Summit, Samsung has introduced its latest SSD product, the 950 PRO SSD. This new storage product will come only in the M2 form-factor which allows its use in select thin laptops in addition. There’s also support for PCIe 3.0 which ensures optimum drive performance. The good news is that the performance improvement is mind-boggling. 

Brinell Creates SSDs Decked Out In Wood, Leather And Steel
Are you fed up of how boring SSDs look and would you rather purchase one that was more fashionable than what everybody else has? Brinell has just the products you need, this German company has created solid state drives that are decked out in wood, steel and leather. Since these are premium materials the SSDs will cost a pretty penny but as they say, you get what you pay for.

SanDisk Wants To Help You Switch To SSD
If you’re considering upgrading your PC you might opt for an SSD instead of a conventional hard disk drive, sure they’re a bit expensive than HDDs but they offer significantly better performance and that’s why many are making the switch. If you’re unsure about how to switch from HDD to SSD fear not, SanDisk has introduced the first SSD upgrade service that offers live video support.

Samsung Introduces New V-NAND SSDs
Are SSDs getting to be the norm when it comes to storage? Not really among the general computer user, but among the enterprise crowd, yes, it is catching up. Still, hard drives are more affordable per GB as opposed to SSDs, although there area also plenty of benefits associated with SSDs – as you can tell by our Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB review at the end of last year. […]