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Samsung Launches 2TB SSDs For PCs
If you’ve been looking to increase the storage on your desktop PC and are in the market for a faster alternative to conventional hard drives then Samsung has just the thing for you. The company today launched its 2TB solid state drives for PCs which bring a great amount of storage coupled with fast data transfer speeds to meet the needs of the discerning user. The 2-terabyte 850 PRO and 850 EVO […]

World’s First 6TB SSD Will Be Released In July
We can never have enough storage in our machines which is why most of us rely upon external hard drives and cloud storage services to store data. Most laptops and computers now come with a few terabytes of hard drive storage anyway but even that doesn’t seem to be enough. Those who would rather use SSDs than HDDs are however limited in their options, because high capacity SSDs are still not […]

Samsung SSD 850 EVO Review (mSATA and M.2 500GB)
It did not take long for Samsung to release two new form factors of their EVO series, the mSATA and the M.2. While the mSATA version was expected, the M.2 was a pleasant surprise since that format is favored over the mSATA.There will be no new features nor ground breaking innovations, both drives are built with the same components as the 2.5in version but housed on a smaller PCB. What it […]

How To Wipe A Hard Drive (Permanently)
Wipe data from your hard drive completely, making it impossible to recover data from it.


Mushkin ECO2 Solid State Drive Line Launches
Mushkin Enhanced MFG, which is a name that is associated to that of an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance and mission-critical computer products, has just announcd a partnership with when it comes to the rolling out of the brand new ECO2 range of solid-state drives. Mushkin themselves are far from being strangers when it comes to delivering high performance SSDs without users having to break the bank, and […]

Samsung T1 SSD Review: Portable Storage Redefined
Launched at CES 2015, Samsung new T1 Portable SSD has been designed to create a “new category” of flash storage, somewhere between a USB key, with which it shares a very compact size and light weight, and a regular portable drive with which it can compete in terms of storage capacity. On paper, the Samsung SSD T1 fits the bill completely, providing not only raw performance and compactness, but also […]

Mushkin STRIKER 2.5-Inch SSD Is An All-Rounder
[CES 2015] Mushkin is a name that is synonymous with high performance memory, and this time around, they have taken the grand occasion known as CES 2015 to unveil the latest member of their STRIKER series of solid state drives. Touted to offer top-tier performance specifications, the Mushkin STRIKER 2.5” SSD is yet another step in the right direction for Mushkin to deliver a truly balanced SSD solution which offers […]

Samsung Portable SSD T1: A New Design For Portable Drives
While you may think that the Flash Storage market is pretty much mature and well catered for, Samsung has come up with a product that is designed to address a specific segment between small storage like cards and USB keys and SSD drives in a USB case.Samsung’s Portable SSD T1 aims to accomplish three things: first, it needs to be fast, and on that front, the Portable SSD T1 controller […]

SanDisk SSD Plus And SanDisk Ultra II mSATA SSD
Storage used to be a competition between hard drive manufacturers to see who can cram in the largest amount of space in a single 2.5″ or 3.5″ chassis. Well, times have definitely changed, this is for sure, and SanDisk intends to move in the right direction where the consumer SSD space is concerned through a couple of new models – the 2.5″ entry level drive known as the SanDisk SSD […]

Samsung SSD 850 EVO 250GB Review
I consider myself as a mainstream user. My computer needs do not require the latest and the fastest at a premium price. After the release of the 850 PRO line which I reviewed last July, I was eager to see what Samsung would come up with the 850 EVO line since it is a better match for my computing usage and wallet.I am familiar with the Samsung SSD products. I […]

Samsung 850 PRO 256GB Review
The revolution has arrived. Up to the release of the Samsung 850 PRO, the most common strategy was to shrink the die to increase higher bit densities in order to reduce cost and while offering higher capacity. Shrinking a planar layout can only take you so far.  Sure, 2D NAND does work and it is still widely used by the main SSD manufacturers. With consecutive “world first”, TLC and today V-NAND technology, Samsung […]

Samsung 850 PRO SSD Delivers New Technology
The world of SSDs is not a static one, which is a good thing, since this means that consumers like you and I will be able to have a wider array of choices and options to pick from in the event that we would like to upgrade our computers to a higher level of performance. Having said that, Samsung has just announced their latest Samsung 850 PRO SSD that will […]

SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD: Consistent Speed + 10 year warranty
During the Computex 2014 trade show in Taiwan, Sandisk has launched the Sandisk Extreme Pro 3.5” SSD, which aims at the high-end enthusiast PC/Gaming market. The SSD can reach peak theoretical speeds of 550MBps (read) / 520 Mbps (write) and comes in capacities that reach 1 Terabyte. However, the most important feature for this storage device is its ability to keep its performance around its peak level long after it […]

Samsung 840 EVO mSATA 1TB Review
Following the launch of the EVO 2.5″ last summer, Samsung packed all the goodness of the EVO into an mSATA format, and in this review we are testing the Samsung 840 EVO mSATA 1TB in particular. Aside from the 750GB model, the mSATA line offers the same capacity as the 2.5″ EVO line, ranging from 120 GB up to 1 TB.Not only Samsung is still the only manufacturer using TLC […]