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Super Bowl Achieves New Live Streaming Record
The Super Bowl is one spectacle that would also see its fair share of commercial tie-ins, and in this year’s edition, you could say that from a sporting perspective, it was a disappointment simply because there was no nail biting finish, and the victor was never in doubt at all. From the tech perspective, however, things have definitely looked good. Apparently, an average of 528,000 people did tune in to […]

Qualcomm, DoubleTwist Announce Open-Source AirPlay-like Application
[MWC 2013] The only way Android users have been able to achieve AirPlay-like streaming of their devices to wireless speakers, headphones, TVs, home theater systems and everything in between has been through Google’s YouTube application on Android, and that’s only if you have a Google TV hooked up.DoubleTwist introduced an application back in 2011 that allowed Android devices to stream to Apple TV, but today, the company is announcing a […]

Netflix Launches Streaming 3D, Super HD Video With A Number Of Catches
With all of this talk about 4K displays at this year’s CES, we’re sure many of you who use online streaming video services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video are wondering if a TV capable of that resolution would even make an impact in your life as all you do is stream your video. At this point, it won’t, but Netflix is taking steps in the right direction […]

Streaming media not so green after all?
Going paperless has been touted by some quarters to be part of an effort to go green. After all, since there is no printed media and eliminates the need for a truck to deliver your daily newspaper or monthly magazine to your area from the printing press, surely the amount of carbon footprint would be reduced? Not really, according to a rather fascinating MusicTank report concerning the “hidden cost of […]


YouTube Live Adds Pay-Per-View to Live Streaming
YouTube has added monetization options to its live streaming platform which includes the ability ofr publishers to charge for live events. As written on YouTube’s publisher blog yesterday, “You can now monetize your live events with advertising or paid options. A live event can be claimed in the new video manager like any other video and monetized with instream ads or paid options where you can set price by country.” […]

Kivic ONE gives your car stereo AirPlay
[CES 2012] Apple’s AirPlay technology (which lets users stream music from their iOS devices onto compatible devices) has been pretty popular thanks to the large amount of iOS devices that have been sold on the market so it’s no surprise that a lot of manufacturers are supporting the standard on their products. However, not all consumers want to invest in a new speaker or player just to take advantage of […]

Vudu To Go offers offline movies
You may have heard of Vudu, which is one of the best video-on-demand service. Its strength has always been that movies start right away and the quality is awesome. However, you still needed a beefy Internet connection (3Mbps, I think) and this is not convenient for folks who have a slow broadband connection, or those who are offline while traveling.Vudu-to-go aims at fixing this and extend the Vudu service to […]

OnLive offers holiday gift bundles
OnLive sure is a fan of celebrations. For Halloweekend last month it gave away some free games, and now the company has announced its specially priced holiday gaming packages for this gift giving season. If you’re looking to stock up on games for yourself or to fill up the stockings of your friends this holiday, OnLive’s bundles might be just what you need.

HP Wireless TV Connect
HP is refreshing its HP Wireless TV Connect introduced in September last year. Basically, it is a similar technology then Intel WiDi except that it allows people who own computers that do not feature the WiDi chip (integrated to last generation Intel Core processors) to wirelessly stream HD multimedia content from their laptop to their TV display. It is also possible to stream 3D content from a PC to a […]

Time Warner Cable now offers Early Screening for Movies On Demand
It looks like Time Warner Cable is stepping up its game with its video on demand service. The company has just announced that it will be offering films on the same day as their theatrical release as part of its new Movies On Demand Early Screening feature. Talk about convenient! Starting today, TWC subscribers will be able to watch Trespass (opening today) in the comfort of their own homes instead […]

Netflix bids farewell to Qwikster
Ladies and gentlemen – it’s time to say goodbye to Qwikster… even though we barely knew it. Netflix has just announced on its official blog that it has decided to scrap all plans to split its streaming + DVD business into separate entities. I guess they eventually listened to the feedback of unhappy consumers after all. Here’s what Reed Hastings (Netflix’s CEO) had to say:It is clear that for many […]

Jamcast enables on-demand digital audio streaming to your Android phone
Got an Android phone and a data plan to waste? Why not stream your music instead of transferring them to your SD card? The folks over at Software Development Solutions Inc. have just announced the launch of Jamcast Player, a streaming client app exclusively for Android devices. Jamcast consists of two apps: Jamcast Server and Jamcast Player. Jamcast Server is used on your home computer to set up a private […]

YouTube mobile offers a new experimental layout
Websites/services that have been optimized for mobile phones are always welcome. It makes for easier browsing and it’s a lot neater than attempting to view a full website on a small screen, and now it looks like YouTube has enabled a new experimental layout, which by all accounts appears to attempt to further optimize the browsing experience on mobile phone browsers, such as Safari.

Netflix gets Dreamworks from HBO
Netflix might have gone through some rather tough times in recent memory, but good thing an apology was issued by the head honcho to soothe ruffled featheres, Well, we are pleased to bring you news that Netflix just signed an exclusive deal with Dreamworks Animation in order to stream the studio’s box office hits to its customers – a coup that might see customers smile again. Dreamworks was the supplier […]