Microsoft Surface RT Review

While most of us tend to rely on WiFi connections to connect our tablets to the internet, there are times when WiFi is not available, thus an Ethernet connection is required as is the case sometimes in hotels. While the Microsoft Surface RT tablet does not come with an Ethernet port, Microsoft has attempted to “fix” this by offering up an external Ethernet dongle, which unfortunately according to several reports, is no longer working for some reason or the other. This has become an issue with several Surface RT owners, although Surface Pro owners seem to have no issue with it.

Apparently this is due to the Windows RT platform not supporting a Windows 8 feature known as Connected Standby that would have otherwise gotten the dongle to work. Now the good news is that according to Mary Jo at ZDNet’s sources, it seems that Microsoft is reportedly working on fixing the issue although when exactly will this patch/update be released remains unknown. One particular workaround by a certain tonyman262was posted, although Microsoft has since asked sites who published the drivers to remove the files.

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