The iPad has been dominating the tablet scene for quite a while now, although recent numbers show that perhaps Apple could be losing their grip at the number one position to Android manufacturers who have been churning out pretty impressive hardware with affordable prices, the new Nexus 7 being a prime example. In any case the iPad is still considered by some as the tablet to beat, and despite Microsoft’s recent woes with their Surface tablets, it looks like the company has decided to take another shot at the iPad, showing off some of the shortcomings of the iPad versus the Microsoft Surface RT tablet. Some of the iPad’s shortcomings, according to Microsoft, would be its smaller display, a lack of a physical keyboard and a kickstand, and how the Surface RT tablet can be used with Microsoft Office while the iPad does not come with productivity suites, just to name a few.

Some of these shortcomings are novel and might not be as important – for example a larger display might not be favored by those who want a slightly more discrete tablet, and the kickstand and keyboard aren’t exactly deal-breakers as well, although admittedly the lack of USB and Microsoft Office could be especially by those who plan to use it in a work setting where they might need to type up documents and prepare Power Point slides. Either way we reckon it’s really a matter of preference in the end, but what do you guys think?

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