First of all, let us say this – is it a supremely clever and well-timed video editing job, or is it the real deal? You watch the video in the extended post and decide for yourself. For those of you who feel that this French dude is the man for having tattooed a QR code onto his chest which links it to an animated cartoon, read on. Marco apparently did this in exchange for money (what, did you think he did it for love?), where the entire process is said to be webcast live over the web site of Ballantine’s Whiskey.

The art work was apparently completed on June 16th at the Mystery Tattoo Club, courtesy of famous Paris-based tattoo artist, Karl Marc. Seems like a painful way of advertising for most people, but at least you can be sure Marco will go down into the record books as being the first man to do so. 

What other kinds of practical use do you see QR codes being tattooed onto your own body? Perhaps if you want it to lead to your Facebook page, or a personal website on the Internet just in case someone needs to identify you when you cannot respond.

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