lactate-tattooLet’s just say that you have always wanted to get a tattoo simply because you think it is cool, but never really got round to doing so due to so many reasons – the lack of time, you have not stumbled upon the tattoo design that you like, or even the potential stick you would get from your mate due to different ideological paths. Well, how about a temporary tattoo? That might work, but this temporary tattoo that you see above, the creation of researchers over at the University of California San Diego, intends to assist athletes perform at their anaerobic peak for as long as possible.

This is a crucial tool in finding out more about an athlete’s body, as exercising way too vigorously compared to how your body is able to handle could eventually lead to a metabolic imbalance that is more often than not accompanied by a considerable amount of pain. The main concern would be to identify a build-up of lactate which happens each time your exercising muscles do not receive enough oxygen. This temporary tattoo skin sensor would be able to detect lactate in sweat on the skin below, and it is sensitive enough to rival blood testing for lactate. Hopefully tech like this in the medical arena would improve even further to deliver more jaw-dropping results down the road.

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