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First Tesla Model 3 Production Car Due Friday
It has been a long wait for Tesla fans but they have something to look forward to later this week. Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk has announced that the first Tesla Model 3 production car is going to roll off the line this Friday. The company is organizing a handover party for the first 30 Model 3 customers later this month to mark the release of its first mass-market […]

Chevy Bolt 2017 Release Takes Place A Full Month Earlier
Chevrolet’s mass-market electric car, the Chevy Bolt, was first launched in December last year. The car has gradually been made available in more markets across the country over the past few months. General Motors had previously said that the Chevy Bolt nationwide release would take place in September 2017. The company has now moved up its plans so the Chevy Bolt will actually be released in all 50 states a […]

Tesla Model 3 0-60mph Time Said To Be 5.6 Seconds
There is a lot of excitement among electric car enthusiasts for the Tesla Model 3. It’s the first mass-market all-electric car from the company that currently sells some very pricey electric cars. Tesla has a lot riding on this car. A new report suggests that the Tesla Model 3 0-60mph time is 5.6 seconds, which means that it will provide owners with decent performance.

Lyft Drivers Will Be Among The First To Get Chevy's All-Electric Car
General Motors is a company that needs no introduction. Earlier this year it announced a $500 million investment in ride-sharing service Lyft which will also see the two companies work on self-driving cars. GM has already been facilitating Lyft drivers when it comes to cars and the company has now said that Lyft drivers will be among the first to receive Chevrolet’s first proper electric car.


Tesla Model 3 Performance Could Be Similar To Model S
Telsa unveiled its first mass-market electric car – the Model 3 – earlier this year. It’s going to unveil this car in two parts and we saw the exterior and were told about some of its features in part one, part two will hopefully touch on its performance and other features when it takes place later this year. A new report suggests that the Tesla Model 3 performance could actually […]

New Nissan Leaf Electric Car Will Have 200 Mile Range
Electric cars need to offer a substantial amount of range on a single charge for them to become a viable mode of transport. There are expensive options available in the market right now that provide a range of up to 300 miles on a single charge but in a year or so the entry cost will come down for people looking to switch. Tesla’s Model 3 and Chevy’s Bolt will both […]

Elon Musk Says Tesla Model 3 Has "Spaceship" Steering Controls
There is a lot of interest in Tesla’s new electric car. The Model 3 is the company’s first mass-market all-electric car. Customers seem to like it as almost $12 billion in orders have been placed already even though the company has only gone through with part 1 of the Model 3 unveil. CEO Elon Musk has been dropping hints about the car and he has said that the Model 3 […]

Tesla Model 3 Reservations Cross 276,000 Units
Assuming that all of the customers who have placed a pre-order for its new car, the Model 3 is now the fastest-selling car that Tesla has ever made. People were lining up for days even before this $35,000 all-electric car was unveiled and since it was shown off the pre-orders have been coming in like crazy. A few hours ago Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that total orders for the […]

Tesla Model 3 Displays Will Be Made By LG
Tesla is known for adopting unconventional designs for its cars and that extends to the interior of the car as well. There isn’t really a trend in the industry to replace buttons in the cockpit with one large tablet but Tesla has been doing just that, and it’s going down the same road for the Tesla Model 3, its latest electric car that’s aimed at the mass market. A new […]

Tesla Model 3 Unveiled, Costs $35,000
Would you actually drop $35,000 for something that you know is going to be nice, but have not seen it in the flesh just yet? Not quite likely, unless that amount of money is a drop in the ocean for you, but it seems that plenty of people have faith in the Tesla Model 3, a $35,000 ride that has just been unveiled earlier this evening in what has been […]

Tesla Could Work On Model 3 Variants
In November last year, we did bring you word on how the Tesla Model 3 is “on track” for a March reveal this year, which is not too far off in the future. Still, we would not be surprised at all if the Model 3 were to be delayed, taking into consideration how the Tesla Model 3 was confirmed in July a couple of years ago. Well, if waiting long […]