New The Division Trailer Details Incursions Update Due Tomorrow
Ubisoft today released a new The Division trailer which details the Incursions update that’s going to be released tomorrow. This is the first raid-like update for this game and is certainly the first of many. The first Incursion for this title is called Falcon Lost and it happens to be a free update which means that it will be available to all players on all platforms.

Ubisoft Will Permanently Ban The Division Cheaters
Nobody likes cheaters, they ruin the gameplay experience for everybody, which is why game developers take stern action against anybody and everybody gaming the system. Ubisoft has warned that the April update for The Division, which arrives next week, is going to feature a new player reporting system that will notify Ubisoft about players creating problems for everybody else and players who are cheating. Those found cheating will be permanently […]

The Division High-End Backpack Bug Fix Coming Soon
According to a post on its official support forum, Ubisoft is going to deploy a fix for a major bug in The Division. The fix will arrive as part of the upcoming update for this game. The bug has left quite a lot of players locked out of their accounts so update 1.1 for the game that’s going to be rolled out across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on […]

The Division Beats Destiny With $330 Million Opening Week
The Division appears to be doing very well because not too long after its release day Ubisoft announced that its new franchise was breaking sales records. Ubisoft has now provided actual dollar figures which show that the game has continued to sell quite well after its launch day. During the first five days of its release, The Division raked in $330 million, that’s more than Destiny did, it previously held […]


The Division Smashes Ubisoft Sales Record
There was a great deal of interest in The Division prior to its launch and Ubisoft was expected to see a strong response from customers when the title was finally released, and it most certainly did. Ubisoft has announced that The Division has broken its sales record. The new third-person action-RPG has sold more copies in its first 24 hours than any game that Ubisoft has ever released.

First Two The Division DLCs Will Have Xbox One Exclusivity
The Division is one of the most highly anticipated games of 2016 and Ubisoft certainly has a lot riding on this title. There have been a plethora of reports and leaks about this game, one such leak pointed towards Xbox One exclusivity for post-launch downloadable content, and today Ubisoft has confirmed that the Xbox One is going to have exclusivity over the first two DLC released for The Division.

The Division Post-Launch Content Plans Detailed
Ubisoft is going to release The Division on March 8th but the story isn’t going to end with the game’s release. Players will be able to pursue new daily and weekly missions aside from Dark Zone events that might potentially put them in the crosshairs of Rogue Agents. Ubisoft has confirmed The Division post-launch content plans and there’s much for players to be excited about.

The Division Microtransactions Rumors Blasted By Ubisoft
Ubisoft is focusing a significant chunk of its energies on The Division right now. The new title will be released shortly and it certainly wants the game to perform well right out the door. Recently there have been rumors that The Division will support microtransactions, called Phoenix Credits in the game, but Ubisoft has come out strongly against those rumors and put them to rest once and for all.

The Division Beta Was The Biggest For A New IP
It’s safe to say that there’s a considerable amount of interest in Ubisoft’s upcoming title. The Division has already been through a closed and open beta, both were put to the test by countless players, and most of them came back impressed. Ubisoft has revealed that The Division beta actually turned out to be the biggest beta for a completely new IP.

The Division Launch Event Will Take Place At Microsoft’s 5th Avenue Store
It goes without saying that millions are looking forward to The Division launch. It’s going to be a pretty big deal for Ubisoft and it’s certainly going to make a pretty big deal out of the launch. Fans can join Xbox and Ubisoft for The Division launch event that’s going to take place at Microsoft’s 5th Avenue store in New York City.

The Division Open Beta Live For Xbox One
There’s good news for you today if you happen to own an Xbox One. Ubisoft previously confirmed that The Division will have an open beta later this month and about a week ago it confirmed start times for The Division open beta. There’s a one-day exclusivity window for Microsoft’s console which means that The Division open beta is now live for Xbox One.

Pre-Load The Division Beta Starting Today
Ubisoft has already confirmed that it’s going to launch an open beta for The Division. The announcement followed a closed beta for this game that was launched earlier this month. Xbox One owners get one-day exclusivity but the open beta will certainly be available on PlayStation 4 and PC. It’s now possible to pre-load The Division beta so that it’s ready to play when it’s unlocked.

The Division Open Beta Dates Confirmed
We reported a few days back that Ubisoft could soon be launching an open beta for The Division. That’s precisely what it has announced today. Ubisoft has now confirmed The Division open beta dates and as expected, there’s one-day exclusivity for all Xbox One owners, after which the open beta will go live for PlayStation 4 and PC as well.

New The Division Trailer Highlights Character Skills
Ubisoft is regularly releasing new content now to pump up the hype machine for its upcoming title The Division. Many have been looking forward to this game for a very long time and are now counting down the days to its release next month. Ubisoft has released a new The Division trailer today which highlights character skills.