Chances are when someone buys an Amazon Echo speaker, they are most likely buying it for Alexa and the various skills and connectivity options the digital assistant offers. However if you’d like to use your Echo speakers for more than just a medium between you and Alexa, you might be interested to learn that Tidal has launched for the Echo speakers.

This means that through a dedicated Tidal skill, once you link up your Tidal account you should be good to go in streaming songs from Tidal through the speakers, although an active subscription to Tidal is required (naturally). It’s actually a bit ironic given that Tidal prides itself in high-quality streams, but yet Amazon’s Alexa speakers aren’t exactly known for having the best sound quality in the market today.

However the good news is that because this is an Alexa skill, what it means is that other Alexa-enabled speakers out there by third-party manufacturers should be able to use it as well, such as those launched by Marshall, Sonos, and Bose, just to name a few. However if you’d rather not spend too much money on new speakers, then playing it through the Echo series of speakers should be just fine.

More details about enabling Tidal on Alexa speakers and other FAQs can be found on Tidal’s website.

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