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Report Alleges That Tidal Only Has Enough Money For 6 More Months
When Tidal launched, one of the ways it set itself apart from the competition was that they offered listeners supposed audiophile grade music, although it came at a rather steep cost, a cost that might have set them back in the game because according to a report from Norwegian publication Dagens Naeringsliv, Tidal is running out of money.

Apple Music Boss Claims Music Streaming Isn’t Making Money
The way we consume music has changed over the years, where it used to be we would be physical copies of music in the form of vinyl, cassette tapes, CDs, and so on, before we moved into the digital age where we would buy digital singles and albums. In more recent times, it seems that music streaming is the new form of delivery.

Tidal App Now Lets You Controls Sonos
If you have a Sonos sound system in your home and use Tidal has your preferred music streaming service, rejoice, because you will now be able to control your music system from within the Tidal app. The music streaming service has updated its app with the ability to control Sonos hardware. This means that users will be able to control their sound system without having to switch between multiple apps.

'Yeezy Sound' Might Be Kanye West's Music Streaming Service
It appears that Kanye West might be getting in on the music streaming game. Following a strained relationship with Jay Z’s Tidal which saw West terminate his exclusivity deal with the streaming service, it seems that West has decided to launch his own music streaming service. A new trademark request on behalf of West has been discovered, West is apparently looking to trademark “Yeezy Sound.”


Taylor Swift To Keep Latest Album Off Streaming Platforms For A Week
Taylor Swift’s latest album “Reputation” is currently set for a release on the 10th of November, 2017. However if you were expecting that Swift’s album would be available for streaming, you could be disappointed to learn that might not be possible, at least not for the first week, according to a report from Bloomberg.

Mercedes-Benz Customers Can Get A Year's Worth Of Tidal HiFi Free
If you’re someone who can afford a Mercedes-Benz, chances are that you can spring for Tidal’s premium streaming tier which allows subscribers to stream HiFi music. Who doesn’t love a good deal, though? Mercedes-Benz and Tidal have announced a new long-term partnership today which will provide access to a year’s worth of free Tidal HiFi streaming to Mercedes-Benz owners. There is a caveat, though.

JAY-Z's New Album 2017 Now Available On Apple Music
Rap mogul JAY-Z’s new album 4:44 was launched as a Tidal-exclusive, why wouldn’t it be, seeing as how the rapper owns the music streaming service. It was reported that the album could make its way to other services. Merely days after 4:44 went platinum even though it was only available on Tidal, JAY-Z’s new album is also available on Apple Music now, as expected.

Jay-Z’s Tidal-Exclusive Album Goes Platinum Within A Week
As you might have heard, hip-hop artist Jay-Z recently released his latest album “4:44” on his music streaming platform Tidal where it was an exclusive. It was a questionable move given that Tidal isn’t exactly the dominant music streaming platform, and making it exclusive means that there are potentially millions of other listeners out there who can’t tune in.

JAY-Z's '4:44' Tidal Exclusive Could Be Released On Apple Music
Last time whenever a new record came out, you could pretty much assume that you would be able to get it from any record store. However these days with competing music platforms, exclusives are the new way of releasing albums. In fact hip-hop mogul Jay-Z’s recently released album “4:44” is an exclusive to Tidal.

Stream The New Jay-Z Album Exclusively On Tidal
Rop mogul Jay-Z is going to release this thirteenth solo album later this month. You might be expecting that it would be an exclusive release for Tidal, the music streaming service that’s owned by Jay-Z himself, and you wouldn’t be wrong. The rap mogul’s fans will be able to stream the new Jay-Z album online via Tidal starting June 30th. The new album is titled 4:44.

Sprint To Offer Customers Free 6 Month Access To Tidal HiFi
With there being so many various music streaming services to choose from, we guess it can be a bit intimidating, especially if you plan on committing to a monthly subscription plan. However we guess that’s what trials are for, but if you’re a Sprint customer, you would be getting something better in the form of 6-months free access to Tidal HiFi.

Jay Z Pulls His Catalog From Apple Music And Spotify
You might find it hard to listen to some of Jay Z’s music if you subscribe to Apple Music or Spotify. It turns out, the rap mogul has pulled his catalog from both online music streaming services. His large catalog of solo music is no longer available for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify. It was apparently Jay Z who made a request for the removal of the catalog, at […]

Music Streaming In The US Pulled In $3.9 Billion In Revenue In 2016
When it comes to your consumption of music, do you still prefer buying physical copies of CDs or vinyl, or do you purchase your songs via platforms like iTunes, or do you prefer paying a flat fee and streaming it? While the former two options are still viable, it seems that music streaming is edging closer to becoming the standard in which we consume music.

Spotify Hi-Fi Music Streaming Tier Being Tested
Spotify might be one of the most widely used music streaming services on the planet but it’s not like it doesn’t have to put up with intense competition. Apple Music is giving Spotify a run for its money while Tidal, a relatively new kid on the block, is pulling users who don’t mind paying more for lossless audio streaming. According to a new report, Spotify is now preparing to launch […]