Sprint Acquires 33% Of Tidal Music Streaming Service

Sprint is moving into the music streaming game in a big way. The carrier announced today that it’s going to acquire 33 percent of Tidal music streaming service owned by rap mogul Jay Z and a long list of “artist-owners.” This partnership will soon provide Sprint’s 45 million retail customers unlimited access to exclusive artist content that won’t be available anywhere else. It will also see Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure […]

Tidal Now Lets Users Edit Song Length And Tempo

There are a number of ways that music streaming services can set themselves apart from one another. This can be done through price, the size of their catalogue, and also exclusives. However Tidal seems to be going one step further and that is through features where they will now allow users to edit song length and tempo.

Tidal HiFi Subscribers Get ‘Master’ Quality Recordings

Tidal positions itself as a music streaming service geared towards those who really want a premium audio streaming experience that the likes of Spotify and Apple Music can’t provide. That’s why the company offers a $20 per month HiFi tier for those who want access to high-resolution audio. It’s making this offering even better by providing HiFi subscribers with “Master” quality recordings.

Kanye West Blames Apple Music/Tidal Rivalry For Killing Projects

While there are plenty of music streaming services out there today that could be considered competition for Apple Music, the Cupertino company’s music streaming service seems to be more closely associated with the likes of Tidal. Now competition is generally considered healthy, which is why regulatory companies tend to frown upon monopolies.


Music Streaming Is Helping Boost The Music Industry’s Revenue

Back in the day, customers would purchase music by buying entire albums. Then Apple came along with iTunes and suddenly it shifted from buying entire albums, to giving customers the option of paying for individual songs. Then music streaming entered the picture, where customers could pay a flat fee every year and listen to as much music as they’d like.

Apple Denies Rumors That They Are Acquiring Tidal

Back in July, a report from The Wall Street Journal hinted that Apple was planning on buying out their rival in the music streaming scene, Tidal. Musician Kanye West even seemed to support the idea and encouraged Apple to purchase the platform (which is ironic considering that West doesn’t seem to be a fan of Apple Music).

Spotify Reportedly Punishing Artists Who Give Exclusives To Apple Music

One of the methods that Apple Music and Tidal have adopted to compete against Spotify is to obtain exclusive releases from some of the biggest names in the industry. Spotify hasn’t really been focusing on exclusives which is why the strategy appears to be working for its rivals. A report has been published which suggests that Spotify is punishing artists who provide exclusives to Apple Music and Tidal by burying […]

Britney Spears’ New Album Exclusive To Apple Music

One of the best ways for music streaming services looking to bring in more subscribers is to nab exclusive releases from some of the biggest artists in the industry. That’s precisely what Tidal has been doing and it’s believed to be one of the reasons why Apple might consider acquiring it. For now, it has managed to acquire Britney Spears’ new album as an exclusive. The singer herself confirmed that […]

Kanye West Calls On Apple To Buy Tidal

Rapper Kanye West is popular for a variety of reasons, one of them being the tweet storms we often witness from him. The latest isn’t aimed at any celebrity, it’s actually aimed at Apple. The rapper called on Apple to buy Tidal, the fledging music streaming service owned by his friend and rap mogul Jay-Z. It merits mentioning here that there have been rumors about Apple mulling a possible acquisition […]

Tidal Chromecast Support Is Finally Here

Tidal may not be as popular as other music streaming services but quite a few people do use it primarily because the owner, who happens to be Jay Z, has some powerful friends in the music business that are sending exclusive content Tidal’s way. Their fans then have to subscribe to Tidal if they want access to that content, and now they can stream that content to Chromecast devices.

Apple May Pay $500 Million For Tidal

It was reported recently that Apple is in discussions with Tidal for a possible acquisition. This Jay-Z owned service won’t be the first music streaming service that Apple buys off of a music icon, it has already acquired Beats from Dr. Dre and rolled it into Apple Music. No numbers were mentioned in the initial report but an Apple analyst is of the view that it might cost the company […]

Apple Rumored To Be Considering Tidal Acquisition

Recently Spotify accused Apple of trying to monopolize the music streaming market by preventing its competition from progressing, like rejecting Spotify’s app update. While Apple Music is far from becoming the dominant music streaming platform, they are backed by Apple’s massive resources and with those resources, Apple could be considering all kinds of things, like acquiring Tidal.

Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ Will Be Available On iTunes

According to a report from yesterday, it was initially suggested that Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ album will only be available on Tidal. Right now there seems to be a war of exclusives going on with the music streaming industry, and given that her husband Jay-Z owns Tidal, we suppose this did not really come as a surprise.

Beyonce’s New Album Won’t Be Available On Other Streaming Services

Beyonce’s new album titled Lemonade was released yesterday and it’s available for online streaming via Tidal. If you were under the impression that soon it will be available on other streaming services as well, you’re mistaken, because it appears that for the foreseeable future her latest album is only going to be available for streaming through Tidal. There’s a perfectly good reason for that.