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Apple To Purchase TomTom (Rumor)
There are rumors going around that Apple might just take over TomTom, sending the latter’s share price to rise – which is to be expected, as Apple is cash rich, and everyone knows that. Still, to be able to squeeze an extra dime out of Apple is not that easy, as many a company have found out. Well, according to an analyst at Rabobank who does Apple stories, there is […]

TomTom for Android makes its way into the Google Play store
Good news Android users, if you weren’t fully satisfied with the navigational capabilities of Google Maps and wanted something a bit more “robust”, well you might be happy to learn that TomTom has officially landed in the Google Play store. It will cost the same as its iOS counterpart, although right now TomTom has priced it $10 cheaper which means that Android users can expect to fork out $49.99 for […]

Blackberry 10's map will not feature 3D viewing
We’re not sure how many of you guys absolutely need the 3D feature on Apple’s Maps app and Google Maps, but it’s still a nice feature to have. Well if you rely on that feature a lot and you were thinking about making the switch to Blackberry 10 in the future, you might want to take note that according to RIM, Blackberry 10’s maps will not feature 3D viewing, a […]

TomTom for Android to be announced at IFA
Good news Android users, if you’re looking for an alternative sat nav app for your mobile device, it looks like TomTom might have something in store for you. The company has recently announced that its sat nav apps will be making their way onto Android devices, although details such as pricing and availability and compatibility will only be announced at IFA 2012, although a rough time frame in October has […]


TomTom updates navigation app for iPhone and iPad
If you happen to use TomTom’s navigation app on the iPhone or the iPad, here is some bit of news for you – you might want to check out an available update that will introduce new methods of finding and discovering new places to go to. The update will bump up the version number to v1.11, where those who already own the older version of the app will be able […]

TomTom unveils new hands free kit for smartphones
If you’re in the market for a hands free kit, TomTom might have something for you. This particular hands free kit not only provides a mount for your smartphone (supports both Android and iPhone devices), but will also allow for charging while on the go and will come with Bluetooth integration that will allow you to answer calls while driving, hands free of course. The accessory will sport a 2W […]

TomTom licenses maps data to Apple for iOS 6
So, Apple announced their revamped mapping application at WWDC yesterday, and it has definitely wowed as well as captured the imagination of the crowd. Certain quarters have even gone so far as to say that Google Maps will be in the decline with the introduction of Apple’s latest Maps solution, but that might be too premature. Word has it that TomTom is the one licensing out their maps data to […]

Nike+ Sportwatch launched by TomTom and Nike
There is a new range of Nike+ Sportwatch that was introduced to the masses by TomTom and Nike, where it will comprise of several editions as well as color combinations. Not only that, those who are new to the idea of the Nike+ Sportwatch will also be introduced to a starter product, targeting folks who want to start running for health and exercise reasons. I guess having this is not […]

TomTom to launch on Android devices "fairly soon"
In case Google Maps was not enough for you as far as navigational systems are concerned, you might be somewhat jealous of iOS users who have access to GPS apps such as TomTom. Well if you’re an Android user and the color green is not the only one on the Android mascot, you’re in luck as TomTom’s co-founder, Peter-Fran Pauwels has said (via Pocket-Lint) that the Android version of its […]

TomTom iOS app gets social networking functions
Mention TomTom and you will most probably think of GPS navigation devices as well as software. Well, TomTom has just updated their iOS app to include social networking functions, making sure that your family and friends know exactly where you are all the time. Not too sure what kind of fun this move offers for the user, especially for those who love to head out for a tryst, but here […]

Certain TomTom navigation systems hit by "leap year bug" [Updated]
Do you own a TomTom GPS navigation system? Well if you do, you could be one of the few that has been affected by a “leap year bug”. This particular bug, according to users, causes the GPS’ display to show a grey screen while claiming that the device is lacking a GPS signal. The company claims that only a limited number of models are affected by it and that they […]

TomTom Pro 3100 will reward good drivers with lower insurance premiums
Some of us are cautious drivers, never driving over the speed limit and obeying the law in general. Others might be more defiant and love breaking the speed limit, accelerating at orange lights and in general just being reckless. However insurance companies have no idea how we drive which is why insurance premiums are more or less the same for both safe and reckless drivers. However if you feel that’s […]

Samsung Wave 3 Bada smartphone will feature TomTom maps
While Samsung’s Bada operating system might not be the smartphone platform of choice for the majority of smartphone owners out there, for those who rely heavily on GPS navigation might be interested in checking out the Samsung Wave 3 Bada-powered smartphone. TomTom, a company that’s synonymous navigational systems has apparently struck up a deal with Samsung. Basically what this deal entails is that the Samsung Wave 3 smartphone will have […]

TomTom in-dash navigation system for Mazda debuts at LA Auto Show
Who uses a dedicated GPS navigation these days, with the proliferation of smartphones and powerful navigation software which are able to do the job equally well, if not better? I guess having a built-in GPS system in your vehicle is good in one way as it saves you the hassle of making sure your phone has enough juice in the first place to help you arrive at your destination in […]