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uTorrent Will Be Ad-Free For $4.95 A Year
For those who use torrent apps like uTorrent, you’re probably more than familiar with the numerous ads that are plastered throughout the application, which honestly is a bit of an eyesore. Prior to this, uTorrent was free and also ad-free, but over the past couple of years, its developer has decided to throw in ads.

The Pirate Bay Now Lets Users Stream Torrents
Just the other day Popcorn Time announced the launch of Popcorn Time Online, which is basically a new effort from the team that will allow users to stream their torrents directly from their web browser. However if you can’t find what you’re looking for on Popcorn Time Online, you might be interested to learn that The Pirate Bay now offers up similar features.

World’s Oldest Torrent Is Still Currently Being Shared
While torrents were perhaps created with good intentions, these days it’s more or less associated with piracy, and it looks like even after more than 10 years, the world’s oldest torrent is actually still active. So which torrent is the world’s oldest torrent, you ask? According to the folks at TorrentFreak, it is actually the ASCII remake of The Matrix.

Survey Finds Netflix Used More Than Torrents
One of the main reasons people pirate is because they’d rather not pay for the original item. However there are some people who pirate because it is simply too expensive to pay for single items which is how movies and music have been sold online in the past. However with the arrival of streaming, has piracy taken a bit of a backseat?According to a recent survey conducted by broadband company […]


Swedish Court Won’t Force ISPs To Block The Pirate Bay
The idea of having an ISP block access to a piracy website like The Pirate Bay sounds ideal, especially since the blocking essentially takes place on a network-wide level. This has been done before in the past, but at the same time we have seen some ISPs refuse to comply with such requests.Now it seems that over in Sweden, despite the Swedish police raiding The Pirate Bay’s servers and knocking the […]

US ISP Cox Defends The BitTorrent Protocol
At the core, the concept of file sharing is pretty innocent. You have a file, like a photo, video, or a piece of work, that you want to share with a friend or co-worker. However because the file shared can pretty much be anything, we suppose it doesn’t really come as a surprise that eventually people figured out that files such as copyrighted movies, songs, books, software, video games, and […]

MPAA Was Behind The Shut Down Of YIFY
Several days ago it was revealed that YIFY torrents had been shut down. The group was basically behind the release of many a movie and if there was ever a movie you wanted to torrent/pirate, chances are they had it. However at that time, the reason for the shut down was unclear, only that the website stopped working and went dark.According to a report from TorrentFreak, we think we finally […]

How To Speed Up uTorrent Downloads
Downloading from uTorrent is not the same as downloading files in your browser. There is a completely different process and there are many factors involved that may increase or decrease the speed of the download. For example, at what priority the torrent file is set? How many seeders (people who are uploading the file) are seeding? And how many files are being uploaded (seeded), etc.?We can configure different uTorrent settings […]

Movie Studios, Record Labels Sue To Have The Pirate Bay Blocked
Last year Swedish authorities raided The Pirate Bay’s servers effectively shutting down one of the world’s largest torrent websites for a while. However it seems that despite the attempted shutdown, it did not slow piracy down one bit as users simply turned to the myriad of alternatives out there.That being said, it seems like movie studios and record labels aren’t giving up in their attempts to have the website blocked. […]

Some Torrent Trackers Have Apparently Banned Windows 10
According to a recent survey, it has been found that the majority of Windows 10 users are pretty pleased with the operating system. That being said if you do use torrents, there is a good chance that your torrent tracker could have banned Windows 10. This is according to a report from TorrentFreak who reports that due to privacy concerns, there are some torrent trackers out there who have banned […]

“Porn Time” Is The Adult Equivalent Of Popcorn Time
Last year when Popcorn Time was announced, it made a lot of waves as the idea was simple yet effective – basically users could stream their torrent downloads, essentially turning Popcorn Time into a Netflix for pirates where users could just stream their shows instead of waiting for their downloads to be complete.Now thanks to the open API of Popcorn Time, a somewhat natural and expected expansion has occurred in […]

Torrent Website EZTV Shut Down Following Hostile Takeover
For those who torrent TV shows, there is a good chance you might have heard of EZTV which is probably the place most torrent users go if they want to download TV-based torrents. Unfortunately it looks like these users will now need to look elsewhere for their downloads as the website has been shut down.However it was not shut down by the authorities, at least it does not look that […]

Torrent References Made In Steam Chat Reportedly Being Censored
There are many players who log onto Steam on a daily basis and thanks to the Steam chat service, you are able to chat with friends as well as other gamers who might share similar interests. Now we reckon that these chats could be for just about anything but it seems that if you’re looking to talk about torrents, Valve won’t be too pleased about that.According to reports, it seems […]

KickassTorrents Domain Seized
The action against major torrent sites continues. A couple of months back The Pirate Bay was taken offline following a raid, the infamous website only came back recently, and is now dealing with a fake torrent problem. KickassTorrents is another popular site which brings in millions of unique users daily. The site’s .so domain name was seized today briefly knocking it offline.