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Tumblr Live Video Service To Launch Soon
It appears that Tumblr is on the verge of launching a new live video service. Some evidence has surfaced online from a promotional page for this as yet unannounced service, which reveals that Tumblr is looking to compete against the likes of Periscope, Twitch, and Facebook Live. Live video streaming services are gaining traction these days so perhaps Tumblr sees significant growth potential to pursue something similar.

Tumblr Introduces Revamped Notes, Brings Back Replies
Tumblr has introduced a revamped notes feature today. The design will enable users to follow conversations easily as they will be able to apply filters to sort the content they’re viewing. Instead of having to see all replies, likes and reblogs users will be able to sort reblogs and replies with added commentary and by likes and reblogs without commentary. Tumblr has also confirmed that it’s bringing back a feature […]

Indonesian Government Bans Tumblr Over Pornography
Just last week, the Indonesian government announced that they would be clamping down on apps that had emojis or stickers that contained homosexual content. An unsurprising move given the country’s religious beliefs. However it looks like the government isn’t stopping there, and according to a report from the BBC, Indonesia has banned Tumblr as well.

Tumblr Launches Instant Messaging Feature
If you are an avid user of Tumblr and you wish there was a better way of communicating with your friends or other users of the website, it looks like the website has finally heard your demands as they have officially unveiled a new instant messaging feature. This feature will be applied to the web version of Tumblr, along with Tumblr’s iOS and Android apps.Now if you log into your […]


Your Old Tumblr Username Will Be Automatically Deleted
Many of us have a habit of creating accounts for services that might capture our interest for a bit only to never log into them again. I remember when I first signed up for Twitter back in 2007, barely used it for a few weeks and didn’t return to properly use Twitter until 2010. It’s common for such services to hold on to usernames so that whenever those users want to […]

Tumblr Launches Clothing Line
I know that in the world of technology, there is this thing known as a convergence of ideas as well as functions in various devices, and wearable technology too, has taken off in its very own way in recent times. Well, Tumblr has decided to enter the fray of convergence on their own – by jumping straight into the world of fashion. Yep, you read that right, since fashion season […]

Tumblr TV Is Here To Spin Your Head Right Round With Heavy Dose Of GIFs 
Are you a GIF lover? Do you forage the internet for GIFs all the time? And to top it all, you play these GIFs in loop, umm just for fun? Well, Tumblr has got your back. It has come up with Tumblr TV, which playbacks GIFs endlessly in full-screen format, the GIFs included on the basis of their presence on internet.

Major Tumblr iOS Update Brings Ability To Create New Secondary Blogs
Yahoo-owned blogging platform Tumblr today released a major update of its iOS application that brings a highly requested feature. With Tumblr for iOS version 4.0 users will now be able to create new secondary blogs whenever they want, previously in order to do this they had to leave the app and go online to create a new secondary blog. Users had been asking for this feature to be incorporated within the app […]

Tumblr Censors Tags Related To “Torrent”
It looks like the popular blogging platform known as Tumblr is currently working on hiding “torrent” related posts from the masses. In fact, the term “torrent” has been given an “upgrade”, so to speak, to the site’s adult filter, and this particular move is seen to stop folks from coming across what could be deemed to be “offensive” content.

Tumblr's Big Update Focuses On Writing
Tumblr has detailed a big update for its service, “so big that we have to roll it out over two whole days,” it says. It has introduced a new set of tools with this update that are going to make it easier for users to create posts. The tools are clean, powerful and will soon be available to all Tumblr users.

Apple Introduces iTunes Tumblr Page
Apple has just launched the iTunes Tumblr page in an effort to expand its social media push to the masses. This new Tumblr page has been specially dedicated to iTunes, which at the moment, carries with it pictures, videos and GIFs that will focus on the “Best of 2014.” It makes perfect sense to kick off the with flavor of the day, taking into consideration how those buzzwords are a […]

Tumblr Introduces "Buy" Buttons To Its Posts
Tumblr seems to be home to many artsy types where photos, drawings, and hand-made crafts are posted and shared with the world. Now some of these drawings and crafts are actually pretty cool and if you wouldn’t mind getting your hands on some of them, Tumblr has recently introduced a “Buy” button in blog posts.The “Buy” button will only link to Etsy which houses a lot of hand-made products. For […]

Global Web Index: Tumblr Is Fastest Growing Social Network
Size does matter, and Facebook with its 1.35 billion monthly users happens to be the largest social network in the world – and looks set to remain so for some time to come, but there is the very real “danger” of the figure having arrived at a saturation point. In Global Web Index’s most recent report, it has stated that Tumblr is the fastest growing social network at the moment, […]

Tumblr's New Mobile Apps Cut The PC Cord
One of the features that has attracted users to Tumblr is the vast customization options it offers. Users can truly add their personal touch to their blogs, which is why most of them like Tumblr in the first place. As its mobile usage increases, it adapts accordingly. New updates have been released today for Tumblr’s iOS and Android applications and they bring all customization options to mobile. Users no longer need […]