Drake Fortnite Stream Breaks Twitch Record

You wouldn’t really expect to find superstar Drake on a gaming streaming website like Twitch but in the odd event that he does appear on the platform out of the blue, you can expect word to spread about that like wildfire. That’s precisely what happened yesterday when Drake joined pro-gamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, JuJu Smith-Schuster and rapper Travis Scott to play sandbox shooter Fortnite. This resulted in the record for […]

Twitch Launches ‘Free Games With Prime’ Program For Subscribers

Considering that Amazon acquired Twitch, it wasn’t surprising to see Amazon leverage the streaming platform and fold it into its Prime program with Twitch Prime, a “premium experience” that is included with every Prime or Prime Video membership. The good news is that if you’re a Twitch Prime subscriber, free games are something you can look out for.

Twitch Joins In On Celebrating StarCraft’s 20th Anniversary

The other day Blizzard announced that they would be spending a month celebrating StarCraft’s 20th Anniversary. This would come in the form of various gifts and events across all of Blizzard’s games, but it seems that Blizzard isn’t alone in celebrating the legendary RTS game turning 20-years old.

Twitch Announces Grant To Help More Female Streamers

It is clear that the gaming scene is mostly dominated by males. Take a quick look on YouTube or Twitch and for the most part you’ll find mostly guys who are doing all the streaming and reviews, but that’s a narrative that Twitch wants to change. Partnering with 1,000 Dreams Fund, Twitch has announced the BroadcastHER grant.


Gamers Can Now Earn Overwatch League Tokens By Watching Matches

Earlier this year Twitch and Blizzard announced a partnership in which the Overwatch League will be streamable via Twitch’s platform. This proved to be a huge success where within its first week, the matches managed to nab 10 million viewers, and now it looks like Blizzard and Twitch are trying to encourage more viewers through rewards.

Twitch Prime Showcasing Great Games From Independent Developers

Twitch gives subscribers with a Prime membership free games, it has been doing that for quite some time now, but it always decides what those games are going to be. It’s switching things up a bit with Twitch Prime Indie Amplifier to shine a spotlight on some great games from eight independent developers. The community can now vote to decide which game will be given out for free to Prime […]

Vimeo Now Lets Users Stream To Multiple Platforms Simultaneously

It is obvious that YouTube is currently the king when it comes to online videos, and while platforms like Vimeo and Dailymotion are still alive and well, it’s hard to not associate online videos with YouTube, although some platforms such as Facebook are trying to become the de facto platform for video watching.

Twitch’s Concurrent Viewership Might Have Surpassed MSNBC, CNN

Is there a market for people to watch other people playing video games? Back in the day of the arcade, that was more or less the case with people crowding around pros while they battled it out, but these days thanks to technology and platforms like Twitch, this can all be done from the comfort of our own homes.

Bad Behavior Off Twitch Could Lead To Bans

Recently Blizzard announced an interesting initiative, in which they’re not only banning Overwatch players based on player reports in-game, but they will also be trawling social media to look for players who exhibit toxic behavior but who have not been reported or who somehow managed to escape being banned.

Facebook Improves Their Efforts On Live Video Game Streaming

When it comes to video game streaming, Twitch is more or less the default platform that you probably think of, and to a certain extent YouTube Gaming as well. However it looks like Facebook wants to take both platforms on, and have recently announced a renewed focus towards live video game streams.

Twitch Launches ‘Video Producer’ Tools For Pre-Recorded Videos

While Twitch’s focus at the start was more on live video (and for the most part it still is), the company is starting to turn their attention towards pre-recorded videos, possibly in a bid to better compete against the likes of YouTube and Facebook. So much so that the company has recently announced a new set of tools designed for pre-recorded videos.

Overwatch League Attracts 10 Million Viewers Within Its First Week

It seems like Blizzard’s decision to partner up with Twitch for the Overwatch League has proven to be a fantastic idea, at least as far as helping Overwatch become a more prominent title in eSports. Recently it was reported that in its first day, the League managed to rack up over 400,000 viewers, but it seems that the number is much higher now.

Blizzard’s Overwatch League Manages To Nab 400,000 Viewers On Day One

With Twitch being the platform to tune into if you’re interested in watching live streams, we’re sure that fans of Blizzard’s Overwatch must have been pretty thrilled when Blizzard and Twitch announced a two-year partnership, where Twitch will live stream Overwatch League matches for the next two years.

Overwatch League Matches Can Now Be Streamed On Twitch

If you’re a fan of Overwatch and love the competitive side of the game, you’ll be interested to learn that Twitch has announced that they will now be streaming every single Overwatch League match on its platform, meaning that gamers now have a centralized platform in which they can stream the matches on.