Missile developer and manufacturer MBDA introduced an entirely different UAV missile system concept this week at the 2012 Farnborough International Airshow. It is called Vigilus, and MBDA  hopes to have the system ready and working by 2030. Vigilus is a promising scout missile system that could very well pave the way for future strike weapons. The system hopes to provide UAVs with a close air support capability in the battlefield.

Basically, Vigilus is made up of an integrated launcher and communications unit, a scout missile, and an integrated weapon command system. It’s scout missile, known as Caelus, operates at low altitudes and it gives the operator permanent real-time visual contact with the target. On the other hand, the weapon command system can be operated by military troops on the ground, giving them the advantage of engaging targets beyond the line of sight.

Vigilus is the product of the company’s Concept Visions program, which is held annually to bring forth new ideas and concepts for future weapon systems. “As in previous years, MBDA will use the concepts generated to stimulate our customers, suppliers, shape our markets and challenge our own assumptions about the possibilities for the future,” MBDA Managing Director, Steve Wadey, said.

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