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Uber Will Offer Helicopter Rides In New York City
NYC traffic got you down? Why not take a helicopter to catch your next flight out of JFK airport. Starting next month, Uber will start offering helicopter rides between JFK and Lower Manhattan. Users will be able to book the Uber Copter rides through its app.

Uber Tests Folding Uber Eats Into Its Main App
Uber and Uber Eats are separate apps, where one lets you order a car and the other will let you order food. However, it seems that maybe not enough users are using Uber Eats because the company has confirmed to TechCrunch that they are testing folding its Uber Eats app into its main app.

Uber May Allow Riders To Pick 'Favorite' Drivers
It could be by pure chance that you get the same Uber driver at some point in the future. The service operators by connecting you to drivers that can get to you the fastest, not to those that you prefer to ride with over and over again. However, it might do that in the future.

Riders With Below Average Ratings Will Be Deactivated From Uber
The driver and ratings system has long been a part of Uber’s service. However, the only real implication was felt by drivers who could see their bonuses curtailed or even access to the service limited if they were consistently rated poorly. Drivers could also rate passengers but it didn’t seem to change much. That’s no longer going to be the case. Uber today confirmed that it will start deactivating riders […]


U.S. Labor Agency Says Uber Drivers Are Contractors, Not Employees
This has long been a debate among Uber drivers and the company amid talk of the former unionizing for increased benefits. Uber maintains that the drivers are contractors and a U.S. labor agency agrees with it. The general counsel of the National Labor Relations Board has concluded that drivers for Uber are employees, not contractors.

Uber Riders Can Now Indicate Their Preference For Less Chatty Drivers
While some people are just naturally sociable and have no problems chatting with everyone about anything and everything, others aren’t. In fact, some might find it uncomfortable making small talk with strangers. The good news is that if you’re not a fan of chatty Uber drivers, you can make your preferences known.

Uber's New PIN Feature Will Reduce Waiting Times At Airports
It can often be difficult to find an Uber when you’re looking to make a quick exit from the airport. That’s because you’re not the only one looking for an Uber. Airports, particularly those that are major hubs, are busy with tens of thousands of people going through them daily. This can lead to increased waiting times for cars but Uber is now trying out a new PIN feature in […]

Uber And Lyft No Longer Accepting New Drivers In NYC
After the city passed new rules designed to get a grip on the rising growth of ride-hailing companies, both Uber and Lyft have now stopped accepting new drivers on their platforms in New York City. Uber says that it’s no longer accepting new drivers “in part to new TLC regulations,” by which it means the new Taxi and Limousine Commission regulations.

Uber Could Become A $91 Billion Company After IPO
Ride-hailing company Uber’s initial public offering has been highly anticipated and some more information is now surfacing after the company filed an amended prospectus with the Securities and Exchange Commission this week. The company expects to be worth as much as $91 billion after it goes public. This would make it one of the largest tech IPOs in history, but still behind the likes of Facebook and Alibaba which set […]

Uber Rolling Out New Features To Improve Campus Safety For Riders
In response to the tragic murder of a college student who entered a vehicle she mistakenly thought to be her Uber, the ride-hailing company is now rolling out a set of safety features aimed to improve campus safety for riders. Uber’s Campus Safety Initiative has been launched in partnership with the University of South Carolina. It’s a national effort aimed at helping students learn how to avoid fake rideshare drivers.

Uber Eats App Updated With Improved Order Tracking
Whenever you order something online, you are usually given some kind of tracking information where you can keep an eye on the delivery status, like where and when it might be coming. Such features are pretty common, although in an update to Uber Eats, the company has announced that they will be introducing an improved form of order tracking.

Uber Driver Dropped Passenger At Airport Before Going Back To Rob Their Home
An Uber driver has been taken into custody as he’s believed to have allegedly returned to rob a customer’s home after dropping them off at a local airport. The driver immediately attempted to rob the customer’s San Mateo home after dropping them at the airport. He drove straight back to their address from the airport but the effort was thwarted by the homeowner’s Ring security system.

Uber Ride Pass Expands To 16 New Cities
Uber introduced its Ride Pass monthly subscription service to make riders cheaper in October last year. It was launched in five cities initially and provided subscribers with flat rates on all UberX and UberPool trips taken during the month. It locked in consistent prices for rides that subscribers can take anywhere in a supported city at any time of the day in exchange for a monthly fee. This service is […]

Uber Confirms Careem Acquisition For $3.1 Billion
It was reported last week that Uber could soon announce the acquisition of Careem, its main rival in the Middle East. The reports have turned out to be accurate as the company confirmed this morning that it’s acquiring Dubai-based Careem for $3.1 billion. The company was founded in 2012 and it has rapidly expanded in markets across the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. It developed services with the […]