Uber Could Become A $91 Billion Company After IPO

Ride-hailing company Uber’s initial public offering has been highly anticipated and some more information is now surfacing after the company filed an amended prospectus with the Securities and Exchange Commission this week. The company expects to be worth as much as $91 billion after it goes public. This would make it one of the largest tech IPOs in history, but still behind the likes of Facebook and Alibaba which set […]

Uber Rolling Out New Features To Improve Campus Safety For Riders

In response to the tragic murder of a college student who entered a vehicle she mistakenly thought to be her Uber, the ride-hailing company is now rolling out a set of safety features aimed to improve campus safety for riders. Uber’s Campus Safety Initiative has been launched in partnership with the University of South Carolina. It’s a national effort aimed at helping students learn how to avoid fake rideshare drivers.

Uber Eats App Updated With Improved Order Tracking

Whenever you order something online, you are usually given some kind of tracking information where you can keep an eye on the delivery status, like where and when it might be coming. Such features are pretty common, although in an update to Uber Eats, the company has announced that they will be introducing an improved form of order tracking.

Uber Driver Dropped Passenger At Airport Before Going Back To Rob Their Home

An Uber driver has been taken into custody as he’s believed to have allegedly returned to rob a customer’s home after dropping them off at a local airport. The driver immediately attempted to rob the customer’s San Mateo home after dropping them at the airport. He drove straight back to their address from the airport but the effort was thwarted by the homeowner’s Ring security system.


Uber Ride Pass Expands To 16 New Cities

Uber introduced its Ride Pass monthly subscription service to make riders cheaper in October last year. It was launched in five cities initially and provided subscribers with flat rates on all UberX and UberPool trips taken during the month. It locked in consistent prices for rides that subscribers can take anywhere in a supported city at any time of the day in exchange for a monthly fee. This service is […]

Uber Confirms Careem Acquisition For $3.1 Billion

It was reported last week that Uber could soon announce the acquisition of Careem, its main rival in the Middle East. The reports have turned out to be accurate as the company confirmed this morning that it’s acquiring Dubai-based Careem for $3.1 billion. The company was founded in 2012 and it has rapidly expanded in markets across the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia. It developed services with the […]

Uber May Acquire Its Main Middle East Rival For $3.1 Billion

It was reported once before that Uber was in discussions with Careem, its main rival in the Middle East, for an acquisition. A new report says that the deal may be inked as soon as this week. Uber will reportedly be acquiring Dubai-based Careem for $3.1 billion. The move definitely goes against Uber’s recent trend of pulling out of foreign markets where it faces intense competition.

Uber Rewards Now Available To All U.S. Riders

The Uber Rewards loyalty program was introduced in January this year. The feature was initially rolled out to riders in select cities like San Francisco. It calculated how much they have spent on Uber and Uber Eats in the last six months and awards perks such as no-fee cancellations if they rebook, free car upgrades, and more. Uber is now rolling out the rewards program to all riders in the […]

Uber And Lyft Drivers Reportedly Receiving Cash Bonuses For IPO Stock

Uber and Lyft are both due to go public and a new report reveals that the companies are planning to give some of their drivers cash bonuses which they will be able to put towards purchasing of IPO stock as these companies go public. This workaround enables Uber and Lyft as Securities and Exchange Commission rules prohibit them from directly granting stock to drivers, the rules indicate that private company […]

Uber Suspends Service In Barcelona Once Again

The regional government in Barcelona has passed new regulations for the vehicle for hire sector. These regulations directly impact companies like Uber who run a ride-hailing service. As a result of these new regulations, Uber has once again suspended its services in the Catalan capital.

Uber Gets Slightly More Expensive In London To Pay For Electric Cars

Uber has announced a Clean Air plan for one of the busiest cities in the world. The plan is to help drivers on its network shift to electric cars in a move that will have a major impact on London’s environment. There’s a cost to this, though, and Uber is passing some of it on to the riders. Uber rides will now be slightly more expensive in the city as […]

Uber’s Flying Taxi Concept Design Unveiled

#CES2019 – Uber started out as a ride-hailing company, a service meant to be offered as an alternative to taxis. The company later expanded their offerings where they began using their cars and drivers to help deliver food as well. This isn’t surprising as companies need to evolve, and last we heard, Uber was planning to conquer the skies next.

Use Of Ride-Hailing Services In The US Has Doubled In 3 Years

If you don’t like to drive or don’t want to drive, there have always been plenty of alternatives such as public transport in the form of a bus or train or taxi, or if you can afford it, you could rent a town car. However it seems that with companies like Uber and Lyft offering more affordable alternatives to taxis and town cars, it’s not surprising that their usage has […]

Uber Will Now Be Required To Pay The London Congestion Charge

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced that Uber and other private hire taxi operators will now be required to pay the London congestion charge if they want their vehicles to enter the city center on a weekday. These companies were previously exempt from paying this charge but will now be required to pay up as the mayor continues his drive to improve air quality in the British capital. “We have […]