Uber Will Offer Cheaper Rides To People Who Can Wait

Uber is testing a new feature that will offer cheaper rides to users who are willing to wait. It often happens that we absolutely have to catch an Uber at a particular time and pay for it even when surge pricing is in effect which can lead to significantly higher fares than normal. However, if you have the luxury of time, Uber’s new feature will allow you to wait for […]

You Can No Longer Book Uber Rides Within Google Maps

Last year Google announced that Uber would be integrated within Google Maps. This meant that while searching for location of places, users would also be able to hail an Uber within Google Maps itself. This meant less steps for users which could also help drive the number Uber rides.

China’s Didi Chuxing Ride-Hailing Service Expands To Australia

Didi Chuxing might be a name that some of you guys are familiar with. For those who aren’t, they are basically China’s take on ride-hailing services and back in 2016, they actually managed to squeeze out Uber, where the company sold China operations to the Chinese company and through a stock swap, turned Uber into a stakeholder as well.

Uber Lite Offers A Lightweight App Option To Emerging Markets

Uber has already exited major Asian markets. The company no longer operates in Southeast Asia and China so India is one major market where it still has a presence. In a bid to reach as many people in India as possible, where a vast majority of people use low-end Android devices, Uber today announced the launch of Uber Lite. It’s a lightweight version of the app that’s meant for emerging […]


Uber Could Be Creating An AI System That Can Tell When You’re Drunk

Ever had to drive a drunk friend home? Ever had to clean up the mess that friend left on your backseat? Imagine how taxi drivers, Uber drivers, and Lyft drivers must feel having to go through that experience on a nightly basis. However it seems that Uber could be trying to take the guesswork out of the equation.

Uber Could Be Thinking Of Buying Bike-Share Company Motivate

Earlier today a report revealed that Uber could be getting into scooter game but it seems that’s not all they’re planning to get into. In a new report from Axios, it seems that Uber is also interested in the bike-share market and could be looking to make a takeover offer to Motivate, the company behind the likes of the CitiBike and Ford’s GoBike.

Uber Also Rumored To Be Getting Into The Scooter Game

Last month it was reported that Lyft could be thinking of getting into the scooter game, and now it seems that Lyft’s rival, Uber, could also be thinking about it. This is according to a report from Axios (via CNET) who claims that Uber has submitted an application to take part in San Francisco’s pilot program.

Uber May Add Waymo’s Self-Driving Cars To Its Network

Uber and Waymo had long been involved in a costly legal battle covering self-driving technology. Waymo, a startup owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet, claimed that Uber stole its trade secrets and demanded $1.8 billion. The matter was eventually settled by the two companies with Waymo getting around $245 million worth of Uber equity and a guarantee that the company won’t use Waymo’s confidential research in its autonomous cars. With […]

Uber Shutters Its Self-Driving Operations In Arizona

A couple of years ago, Uber announced that they would headed over to Arizona to conduct their self-driving car tests. It seemed to be going well until a couple of months ago where Uber was involved in a fatal accident with one of its self-driving cars. Naturally the program was halted and it was unclear if Uber would get it back up and running again.

Uber Launches Taxi-Hailing Pilot Program In Japan

Due to Japan’s laws against ride-sharing services and also due to the ease and fairness of Japan’s taxi system, it’s not surprising that Uber has had a hard time trying to crack the Japanese market. However it seems that Uber might have finally caught a break and has launched a new program in the country, although not necessarily in the capacity you might think.

Vietnam Launches Probe Into Grab-Uber Deal In Southeast Asia

A couple of months ago Uber announced that they would be selling off their operations in Southeast Asia to their rival Grab. However it seems that it wasn’t necessarily a done deal as it was suggested that Grab’s acquisition of Uber could be violating competition laws. We’ve seen regulators in the Philippines launch an investigation, and now it seems that Vietnam is next.

Uber Now Lets Riders Rate & Tip Drivers During Trips

When it comes to Uber rides, if you want to rate and tip your driver, this feature is usually reserved at the end of the journey which makes a lot of sense. However Uber has recently announced some changes to the way rating and tipping works, where they will now let riders rate and/or tip their drivers during the trip itself.

Uber To Resume Self-Driving Car Tests In ‘A Few Months’

It has been over a month since Uber grounded its entire fleet of self-driving cars following an accident in Tempe, Arizona in which one of its self-driving cars struck down a pedestrian. It was the first known fatal accident involving an autonomous cars and the investigation is still ongoing. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has now said that the company will likely start testing its self-driving cars on public roads once […]

Walmart’s Grocery Delivery Service With Uber & Lyft Will Be Ending

A couple of years ago, Walmart announced a partnership with Uber and Lyft in which they would be testing out the idea of using ride-hailing services to delivery groceries. It made sense since Uber already has UberEats, so grocery delivery didn’t really seem like that much of a stretch, but unfortunately it looks like that partnership has come to an end.