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There is nothing quite like a new firmware update to breathe new life into a particular device, and it also helps you skip out on a product upgrade cycle, too, helping you save more money along the way. It seems that the BIG JAMBOX is shaping up to be like fine wine, as it gets better with age, although do not expect it to physically add on new components to […]

Nintendo 3DS System Update Brings New Enhancements
I find it interesting that these days, most hardware have the ability for you to upload, or “flash” it with the latest firmware in order to further enhance said device’s performance – something that was definitely not done in the past. Well, Nintendo of Japan has just announced a downloadable update for the Nintendo 3DS which is said to throw in a new function to the hand-held portable gaming system.One […]

Wii U Spring System Update Coming In April; Stability Update Now Available
Earlier this year, Nintendo revealed they plan to release two system updates for its Wii U console in the spring and summer that would hopefully address a number of issues people have been experiencing with it since its launch. Seeing how we’re so close to spring, today’s system update probably had you jumping for joy at the thought it was the major update Nintendo had promised.Unfortunately, today’s Wii U system […]

ASUS Transformer Pad TF300 Gets Android 4.2 Update
ASUS has just announced that it is releasing an Android 4.2 Update for the ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T in the United states. This is an over-the-air update and users should see it appear in the settings or as a notification as it is rolled out. ASUS says that in addition to providing Android 4.2 features, this will also bring a number of stability and performance improvements that ASUS has added […]


Galaxy Note 2 Software Update Allegedly Affects Battery Life For Some
Some folks who have performed a software update on the international version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 claimed to have experienced a decrease in battery performance. In fact, going through the comments on some pages that talked about this issue saw that there was one Galaxy Note 2 owner who claimed that just after 12 hours of use, the battery life had dropped to a mere 10%, which is […]

Surface Update Fixes WiFi Issues
It is Patch Tuesday, and Microsoft has kept to their promise by rolling out a bunch of new software patches for different software and hardware products. These releases will not only include security updates for Windows RT, but Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10 as well. There is an update which was introduced specially for the Surface tablet that runs on Windows RT, where an official moderator mentioned in a […]

Kindle Fire HD Update Adds Camera App, Swype And FreeTime Unlimited
Amazon announced its FreeTime Unlimited service just a few days ago, ant it looks like an update is now available that will have you and your kids enjoying a ton of content for a low, monthly charge. But it also looks like the update that Amazon released today adds two other pretty neat improvements to the Kindle Fire HD.One of the improvements is a Camera application which allows users to use […]

Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 get WiFi Hotspot feature in latest update
The Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 800 and 710 have started to get the latest Windows Phone update (aka Tango), and among the changes, users will now be able to use their handsets as a WIFI Hotspot for a tablet or laptop. Additionally, following this upgrade, users will be able to download new apps from the Windows Phone Marketplace. Among those, the Camera Extra seems to be the most promising one […]

ASUS Transformer Prime receives new OTA update
If you own an ASUS Transformer Prime tablet, look out for a new OTA update that is being delivered to the Android device today. Apparently the update brings the tablet up to version, kernel version and WiFi to version and Bluetooth to 9.26. The update is said to fix previously reported problems that were plaguing the Transformer Prime in the past: random reboots, screen flickering, and apps […]

BlackBerry 7.1 OS released
Good news, BlackBerry users – RIM has announced a brand new update to kick start the new year: BlackBerry 7.1 OS. The update brings a whole bunch of new features to improve your BlackBerry smartphone experience.First up users will get the mobile hotspot feature: an option that has been available on platforms like Android and iOS for awhile now, BlackBerry 7.1 OS will let you turn your smartphone into a […]

New Windows Phone update ensures your keyboard disappears no more
According to Italian Windows Phone site Plaffo, there are some folks who have reported that a new update for the Windows Phone operating system has started to be seeded among users, with Vodafone’s LG Optimus 7 already on the receiving end. Needless to say, every decent software or operating system update worth its salt ought to come with a wide range of improvements, and this one does not disappoint as […]

Microsoft to fix Xbox 360 Dashboard update bugs
A couple of hours ago, we reported on Microsoft confirming that there are bugs hanging around on your console after the Xbox 360 Dashboard update, and it is nice to see Microsoft take the necessary and relevant steps to squash those bugs as soon as possible. Before we continue, the glitch concerns the shutting out of some Xbox 360 users from the Xbox LIVE network, where Xbox LIVE profile errors […]

Microsoft confirms Xbox 360 Dashboard update bugs
The Xbox 360 dashboard update introduced a host of great new features to the gaming console, however it looks like it’s brought some unwelcome bugs as well. It has been reported that gamers are experiencing problems staying connected to Xbox Live, and displaying error codes pertaining to Live Profiles of Xbox users – errors that didn’t seem to exist before the update. The folks over at Joystiq reached out to […]

Motorola DROID RAZR update rolling out today
Remember the Motorola DROID RAZR update that was revealed a few days ago by Verizon? The update has finally started rolling out today, according to a post on the official Motorola blog. According to Motorola, the update will bring your phone up to Motorola Version.6.11.748.XT912.Verizon.en.US and includes numerous fixes and enhancements such as: improved phone stability, 4G connectivity, WiFi performance, camera functionality and more.As usual, be sure to back up […]

Kindle Fire: how to prevent automatic updates
Amazon’s latest update for the Kindle Fire is said to remove root access and disable the SuperOneClick root method – something that definitely upset a number of Kindle Fire users. The worst part is, Amazon doesn’t give you a choice when it comes to updating the tablet – they push it out automatically as long as you’re connected to WiFi.

MOTOACTV receives software update
Motorola might have rolled out its fair share of Android-powered smartphones, with some rugged models peppered in between, but the MOTOACTV is a totally different creature, being a fitness device. Well, here is news for you – the MOTOACTV has just received a software update which will see you enjoy better battery life, with up to 8 hours of uninterrupted workout time outdoors. This is definitely a huge jump from what […]

Nokia addresses Lumia 800 battery problem
Nokia has just shared their concern about the battery bug which has plagued select units of the Nokia Lumia 800 smartphone, where some units displayed lower battery capacity than expected. Nokia’s engineers apparently lost no time in checking things out, and they realized that there are no problems with the battery at all, but rather, the software is the culprit. This particular software issue affects only select variants, limiting the […]

Gran Turismo 5 update and new DLC available next week
Gran Turismo 5 gamers, you will be pleased to hear that a new DLC is being made available for download next week in time for the Christmas holidays. The DLC will bring four additional new cars along with an update that will bring about new features along with bug fixes.

Netflix unveils new iPad app
Netflix owners with iPad tablets rejoice – the video streaming service has just announced the launch of a brand new app for the iPad. The new iPad Netflix app will make it easier to discover and instantly watch TV shows and movies over the streaming service. The updated app has been given a facelift, and is touted as a big step forward from the previous version. It offers a more […]

Roku software update comes for Roku 2 and Roku LT
Roku has just announced that there will be a major update arriving for its range of Roku 2 players, including the Roku LT, and this new update will bring along with it a bunch of new features to boot. Of course, there will be minor and major improvements, where the two main changes introduced with this new update will include support for MKV playback, although there is no official word […]