We previously reported that Spotify managed to get three out of the four major labels onboard with its music streaming service and judging by what Spotify’s general manager, Jonathan Forster, recently announced in an advertising conference – we could be seeing the service in the US very soon. According to Forster, Spotify is wrapping up the final licensing deals for its US launch. While he wasn’t specific about a release date, he did say something interesting though:

“We won’t launch before July 5th.”

Now this doesn’t mean that we’ll be seeing Spotify on July 6th, but it does feel like the release of Spotify isn’t too far away. With no other music streaming service capable of competing against Apple’s iCloud service, it makes sense for record labels to want Spotify to make its debut in the US. After all, I’m pretty sure they don’t want one service to monopolize the whole market either. Well we’ve already passed mid June, let’s see what July has in store for us.

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