SpotifyWith all the major cloud music services on the table, the one remaining cloud service that hasn’t been able to cross over to the US has been pretty quiet about its moves. Well, according to the latest reports from All Things D, it looks like the wait for the streaming music service is almost over. Spotify has been said to have signed an American distribution deal with Universal Music Group – the world’s largest music label. If that is the case, then it would mean Spotify has three of the four labels backing it, which should make its negotiations with the last remaining label, Warner Music Group, an easier job.

As of now, Apple is the only company that has all four labels backing its cloud service, while Google and Amazon don’t. If Spotify does gain the approval of all the labels as well, it would put it in a good position when it finally launches on this side of the world. At the moment, Spotify while popular, is only relevant in the UK/Europe where it has no problem distributing music there. It seems like breaking into the US market is proving to be a tough challenge. There’s still no word on when we’ll finally see the service here, but we should see Spotify or some other service popping up in the near future – unless of course the labels want Apple to monopolize the cloud music streaming market.

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